The New iPhone 5 News from a Dinosaur

The New iPhone 5 News from a Dinosaur

Before I decided to attempt this news article on the  iphone 5, I knew very little about iphones in general, though I’ve owned an iphone 4S for a year. Being a dinosaur, I think it was just last month I found out what it was called.

I hate when you call for help and a Verizon tech person asks what the name of your phone is and fully expects you to know it like your birthday. You get that pause and you just know he’s rolling his eyes. I think – what the hell, it’s a piece of tin! As soon as I hang up, I’ve forgotten it.

Personally I didn’t like touch screens from the beginning because you write something in haste and end up sending something obscene, illiterate, insulting or downright stupid to your intended receiver, followed by a quick new text to save face and prove that you DID have an education!

I was convinced from a friend I would get the hang of it in a month. Well, I’m waiting…and thinking of my old Blackberry with that nostalgic, old-fashioned keyboard.

Again, it was only last month I noticed that, by pressing the space bar, I could accept the suggested correction (or not) in exchange for the gibberish I had typed in. Voila! That saved me several hours and cut my cursing down considerably.

So now the iphone 5. Here’s what I found out. It’s longer, larger with a faster processor, a better camera and has the features everyone wanted in the iphone 4. It’s also less frustrating and fragile.

On the dark side, the Map feature on the Verizon and Sprint models do not have voice and data at the same time.

The 5C comes in five bright colors, including gold.

Also it doesn’t have NFC – near field communication. That took five searches for a definition until I found the best dumbed-down explanation. It simply means you or your bank can be identified by a computer.

If you want a bigger phone, you should go for the Samsung Galaxy 3S. Or if you need better battery life, your choice can be the Droid Razr Maxx.

The iphone 5C and 5S will be out officially tomorrow, September 20. The prices, with a contract, are $99 for the iphone 5C or iphone 5S for $199.

Apple expects to beat last year’s opening weekend sales of five million by another million.

The special new feature on the S model is fingerprint scanning which is fine if you don’t mind feeling like you’re being arrested  On the other hand, is it another handy tool of the National Security Agency? (NSA) Some say it will be difficult for Apple to produce this particular feature.

The reviews are overwhelmingly in favor of the iphone 5, having been completely rebuilt. It has a 64-bit processor, making it much faster and with better graphics on the 3D video games.

You can avoid the rush at the stores and pre-order the 5C but not the 5S. Don’t know why but that’s the story. The 5S seems to be in short supply. However, the preorders of the 5S model began on September 12th and by the 14th, two million had already been sold.

So there you have it – two new iphone5s to choose from. I’ve learned a few things, hope you did too, though someone who’s not a dinosaur can fill in all those techie details.

Written by Lucille Femine

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