The Newsroom Election Night Part II (Review)

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The Newsroom Election Night Part II was the season finale of the series. It wrapped up some loose ends, and was marked by two momentous kisses, and Will’s proposal to Mac, among other things. Although Jeff Daniels, who plays Will McAvoy, had earlier tweeted that the series would be renewed for another season, he may have been premature, as the series creator, Arron Sorkin, hasn’t yet agreed to do another season, so this episode might be the last one of The Newsroom.

The other kiss was when Sloan kissed Don. Don was the person who bid on the book that was claimed to have been autographed by  Sloan, but was actually not autographed by her, at all. Don bid the highest bid with no anticipation of getting any sort of reward; he just did it to try to be nice. If there is going to be another season of the series, it will be interesting to see if this preliminary kiss develops into anything further, or if it was just to say “thanks” to him.

Will acted in this episode kind of like a horse’s ass in that, when Mac apologizes to him, he then tells her the actual story about the engagement ring, and he makes her feel like crap. Will has often behaved as if he was the victim of various sets of circumstances; in some ways, he has been, but he really should find forgiveness in his heart. After all, whatever happened was six years ago.

He does offer an apology, of sorts, though — and then kisses her, and he says that he promises he will love her forever. Maybe, maybe not — there’s been a lot of water under the bridge for both of them.

Will does have some moments of flair in the finale, like the scenes between him and Taylor.  Taylor asks Will to explain if it’s true that he only claims he’s a Republican so he can act as if he’s a person who is critical of his party, though he (supposedly) supports it with his votes. Many viewers of the series have wondered pretty much the same thing, that perhaps Will is actually a Democrat, and he’s just saying he’s a Republican.

At the champagne party, Jim seems condescending to Lisa, who has the job of serving the champagne. She again tells about her fear that she is “too stupid” to date Jim Harper.  Jim then mentions how “authentic” she is — maybe he thinks that he’s giving her a compliment, but it’s sort of a backhanded one, if it can be called one at all.

Leona and Reese say that they are totally behind the “News Night” staff,  and Jim attempts to act as an intermediary to get Maggie and Lisa  back on peaceful terms with each other.

Charlie (Sam Waterson) claims that our elections are the “envy of the world” — that might be his personal perspective, but I wonder exactly how many people who live in other countries actually believe that.

Jane Fonda is superb as Leona once again in this episode, though she perhaps drinks a bit too much champagne; hey, she deserves it, as the news crew has been through a lot, and has stuck together, despite the whole Operation Genoa debacle and subsequent trial.

Reese and his Rockette girlfriend were a pretty good touch to this episode, and Reese’s discussion with Charlie about Charlie’s previous resignation offer, which Reese turned down (he said his mother, Leona, wouldn’t let him accept Charlie’s resignation).

The show wrapped up the second season with everybody having cigars and having a good time, but I’m sure that if there will be another season, there will be enough controversial topics for another awesome season of The Newsroom. Operation Genoa provided a good theme for the nine episodes of the season, but I personally would have liked to see other subjects that were major news stories mentioned more; but, that’s just my personal opinion.

If there’s a third season, will Jim and Maggie get together romantically; or, for that matter, will Don and Sloan? Will Mac and Will’s relationship work out? They have argued so much over the course of the season that I have a hard time thinking that their relationship will go anywhere.

Sloan should probably have not been as concerned as she was about the book, not when the whole staff was involved in election night coverage and in worrying about the whole Operation Genoa aftermath.

The episode seemed to be Aaron Sorkin’s wrapping up whatever loose ends he could, and to make the finale be not just one for the second season, but also one for the entire series.

Maybe he wrote it to be both, just in case either HBO didn’t offer to renew the series for a third season, or he decided he didn’t feel like accepting their offer. He has been criticized on several fronts, despite The Newsroom being one of the best and most cleverly written shows, in my opinion, on TV.

What are your thoughts about the season finale of The Newsroom Election Night II? Did you like it, hate it, or did you have feelings somewhere in the middle? Do you think the series will be back for another season, and if so, what story lines would you like to see further developed and why? Please let me know your views in the Comment section below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb