The Royals – Are Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?


Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew
Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew

Love is in the air with the recent birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s new King-to-be, son George. But could it be true that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are about to once again tie the romantic knot and remarry?

Separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996, the estranged couple, both 53 years of age, have described themselves as the world’s happiest, unmarried twosome. And actions by the Queen herself are swaying Royal watchers to believe in the Wish Upon a Star theory.

Her Majesty The Queen has always been fond of her former daughter-in-law to son Prince Andrew, which was the opposite case with the Queen’s relationship to Prince Charles’ first wife, Princess Diana. The world mourned Diana when she was killed in a fatal car crash in 1997 with boyfriend, Egyptian heir to millions and playboy Dodi Al Fayed. Although sisters by marriage, both Sarah and Diana were great friends.

Happy, Sarah Ferguson
Happy, Sarah Ferguson

In sensing the Queen’s acceptance of her ex-daughter-in-law, Fergie was recently invited by the Her Majesty to stay in the Main Castle at  Balmoral Castle in Scotland last month. This is the ex-princess’s third visit with the Royals since she was ousted in disgrace from the Royal family. Sarah’s stay at Balmoral is on the condition that she leaves the castle confines prior to the Queen’s husband Prince Phillip’s return.

As it has always been assumed, three is a charm for the strong possibility of the Prince and Sarah to remarry.

Although the love flowing through the Royal air has the strong possibility of rekindling, the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip has adamantly stated that Sarah is a pointless and odd girl. And while he is still alive and kicking, Andrew will never be allowed to remarry the Duchess of York.

Prince Phillip, 92, who has appeared to have a rather healthy existence if you forego the deep circles around his eyes and dark scaly marks on his reptilian face. For the past several years, the prince has been hospitalized on several occasions and in June was transferred to a hospital and eventually underwent abdominal surgery.

So as not to worry the romantic-of-heart, Sarah has stated that it is only a matter of time before both ex-partners are rejoined in wedded bliss. Does she know something Prince Phillip does not?

Married for six years, the enchanted princess grew to become disenchanted with Prince Andrew’s long bouts away at sea while serving in the Royal Navy. So to pass the time away, Sarah began a fling with Texas oil tycoon Steve Wyatt. She was pregnant with Prince Andrew’s second child at the time of the fling. Their Texas yee-haw ended when their relationship became public in 1992.

It was then time for the tarnished princess to move on to better tasting venues. Later that same year, photographs emerged with financial advisor John Bryan sucking on the Duchess’s toes, which appeared to be finger licking good.

In 2010, because of financial difficulty, the princess attempted to sell women access to Prince Andrew through an undercover reporter, which also did not go down well with the Royals.

Since the indiscrete circumstances surrounding Sarah, Prince Phillip has refused to forgive and forget the princess’s attempt to drag the Royal Family’s name through tabloid hell. Calling the kettle black, Prince Phillip can accomplish embarrassment and Royal disgrace all on his own.

The Duke of Edinburgh was rumored to have had an affair with a London-based 1940’s singer, Pat Kirkwood.  All of his cavorting was done while Queen Elizabeth was eight months pregnant with Prince Charles.

Although the Royal ex-couple Andrew and Sarah have been divorced for the past 17-years, Sarah and both her daughters, Beatrice, 24 and Eugenie, 23 have been living under the same roof as the Prince Daddy.

Andrew still publically professes the couple’s relationship is platonic. But sources claim the couple have plans of marrying once Prince Phillip passes on to greener pastures, which would then reunite the couple again in wedded holy matrimony – or so it is rumored.

Written by Lisa Graziano


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