Three Pit Bulls Mauled 2-year-old Boy to Death in Arizona [video]

In Arizona and California

In Arizona and CaliforniaIn Arizona a 2-year-old boy is dead after being viciously attacked by three pit bulls while his mother was out of town. The child was at the baby sitters house when the attack took place.

The special needs child was there along with his four siblings on Sunday when the three dogs, who were inside the house, starting fighting. The sitter said when the dogs began fighting 2-year-old Daniel walked towards them and when he did and all three dogs attacked and killed the boy.

The baby sitter suffered non-life threatening injuries as she tried to rescue the child from the attack. She received serious cuts on her hands, legs and arms while trying to pull the boy from the dogs.

The 28-year-old baby sitter had to have surgery but is in stable condition. The 2-year-old child was rushed to Gilbert Mercy Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Currently no one has been charged in the attack because it is being viewed as a tragic accident. The investigators plan to complete a thorough examination of what happened that morning and once the results are conclusive a decision will be made on whether charges should be filed or not.

The mother the child rushed back when she heard about the attack only to find Daniel was already gone. She retrieved her remaining children and says she is so numb she can’t think straight.

A local animal shelter is housing the dogs for 10 days while that investigation takes place.

On Monday night another 2-year-old boy was mauled to death by five pit bull mixes in Colton, California.

Officers responded to a call around 5 p.m. on Citrus Street. The dogs caused extensive wounds to the boy’s upper body. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The animal control officers removed the five pit bull mixed dogs from the home.

Investigators are asking anyone with information on the dogs or the attack to please contact Detective S. McFarland at (909) 370-5000.

In 2012 a Maryland court ruled that pit bulls are “inherently dangerous.” Many animal lovers and experts don’t agree and feel the court has overstepped their boundaries on this decision.

They feel science doesn’t support that ruling. Inherently dangerous implies that they are born that way and many advocates feel that is simply not true. They argue pit bulls just have a bad rap.

The University of Pennsylvania completed a study on dogs and their findings were that the three top biters of people were smaller dogs.

Regardless of the study, pit bulls are in the news more than any other for attacking and killing people and animals; even though many will argue the reason is the pits were trained that way.

Many agree that the real problem lies within the owners of the dogs while others stand by the theory that pit bulls are basically vicious creatures that are born to kill.

Whatever the dominant belief is the fact remains, two 2-year-old boys were mauled to death by a total of seven pit bulls this week.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)