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New England Patriots tight end fantasy football update. Tim Tebow could be a draft day steal.
New England Patriots tight end fantasy football update. Tim Tebow could be a draft day steal.

Why all the Tim Tebow hype? As football fans, we want to see details about every team, not just the ones Tebow played on. We want to know how every player is doing, not just him.  Every now and then a sports player comes along, that has shown in college years, they are good enough for and can handle the Pro’s., (NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, MLS, etc). Then comes a player like Tim Tebow. He was good in college, then it all fell apart when he tried to go pro with the NFL. All Tebow has brought to the field, his teams, and to media is “hype”.
All that sports fans are asking for is to not let the Tebow hype interfere with and take away coverage of the NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, Golf, playoffs, and the moves that all 32 NFL teams and players are making, like it has over the time since Tebow was doing good with his college team, The Florida Gators. The excessive media coverage of Tim Tebow has taken away from every other sport that has been on tv, the radio, and the internet.

Tebow started getting all the media coverage while in college as the NCAA Florida Gators quarter back. Tebow became the talk of the nation from ‘coming up’ with incredible plays and helped win in unlikely come backs. Is it the college success, his squeaky clean image, his toughness in the games, or his religion that started all of the unwanted and unneeded hype about Tim Tebow?  It was definitely not from merit. He never had all that great of stats, and his mechanics were off.

Tebow has been followed since his good and record breaking days at the University of Florida. He always had the biblical verse John 3:16, on his cheeks when playing with Florida.

Monday, September 16th, 24 fans held a “hire Tim Tebow rally” at Ever Bank Field at 3:16 to convince the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign Tebow onto the team. Thirty media members were also there to catch the ‘news’. No news of hiring Tim Tebow has came out.  Although, the LA Times mentioned that Tebow was offered 1 million to play with the Moscow Black Storm, an American football team in Russia, for one to two games. The Moscow Black Storm will be playing against the Moscow Patriots on September 28th for the semi-final. If the Storm advances, there will be a championship game. But Tebow’s agents stated that they are “thinking of using him as a motivational speaker.”  They do not want him playing football anymore.

Tim Tebow’s career peaked on January 8th, 2012. After Tebow led the Denver Broncos to an unbelievable win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, with an 80 yard touch down and 11 seconds left on the clock into over time. When Tebow was released from the Bronco’s, he was signed on with the Jets. He was released, then went to the Patriots, and was released after a poor pre-season.

Now, people are starting to see him as a ‘normal person’. In a recent interview, the AFC mentioned that Tebow is not worth all the inevitable “circus” that surrounds him. An NFC coach said, “he seems like a great guy to have on our team and I would be tempted to bring him on as our back up…but it is not worth dealing with all the stuff that comes with it.” A fan recently expressed, “I can not stand to hear all of this Tebow talk. He is not a great quarterback, and the media needs to realize Tebow is a way below average quarter back, and his days in the NFL as QB are probably over.” Victor Hensley simply asked, “can we stop hearing about Tim Tebow?” Tebow recently stated, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.”

At age 26, Tebow’s football career is more than likely over. With a 0-16 season last year, fans are not wanting to come out this year.  It is possible at some point the Jaguars may hire Tebow. If nothing else, for the “hype” Jacksonville needs to bring back in a large group of fans.  We don not have the hype about any other 3rd string quarter back. Most of the time, you will not even hear any thing about the 3rd string players.  Join me in the excitement that the ‘Tim Tebow Frenzy’ should be coming to an end, no more hype.

Written By: Crystal Ervin


4 Responses to "Tim Tebow Hype"

  1. john   September 19, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    There are some factual errors in this article. 1. Tebow was not famous in college for his team “wins in unlikely comebacks.” Actually, there were very few come-from-behind wins. 2. Tebow did not always wear John 3:16 on his eye black. He did wear that during the one national championship game. He wrote different verses in different games.

  2. Nickg   September 19, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    Everyday I search his name in google “Tim Tebow news” hoping and praying he will play again I will be a fan on any team Tim Plays on, We the fans are the reason football is still here. let’s take Jacksonville for example, they’re not good and they know that, tim brings excitement and good feelings to the game, so at least there fans are happy, for some reason they are still spending their money to watch the “jags” but Tim cannot I repeat CANNOT be any worse then “Blane Gabbert” (whoever that is) right now it’s about pleasing your fans and bringing Tim back to his hometown. I digress

  3. Kevin   September 19, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Correction on the comment in article: “He never had all that great of stats, and his mechanics were off.” Tebow had GREAT stats in college, smashed records all over the place, as well as his only season of starting. His stats in college & first season starting are BETTER than the greats – yes, that includes Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Montana, etc…. Nothing was wrong with his mechanics or game, until ‘they’ started messing with his head & his mechanics, forcing him to change rather than embracing what he is. He is a proven winner, at EVERY level he has ever played in starting at Pee Wee thru the NFL. Idiot articles such as this is just another wanna-be writer jumping on the Tebow-bashing band wagon. The few greats in the game (coaches, players, etc.) recognize Tebow’s skill & greatness. What he needs is ONE coach/manager/owner all on board together, with enough guts, brains & smarts to use Tebow & embrace what he is, rather than attempting to change him. That includes what any great coach would do with a good QB – build the defense around that QB.

  4. Gregd   September 19, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    How did he fall apart? He’s 7 and 4 as a starter and 1 and 1 in the playoffs! Better than half of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL.Keep hatin, and keep using losing quarterbacks like Cam Newton! Just sayin 🙂


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