Toronto Maple Leafs: Scorers or Brawlers?

John Scott Buffalo

Toronto Maple Leafs has fans, nobody doubts that. They got money too and history. But for scorers, I will not bet my dollars on that. And this makes me really wonder whether they are scorers or brawlers. But the truth is that Leafs fans cannot see this. They love dwelling in the past. Talk with them and you will get them narrating their past glories. But past is past and can never be present. I still wonder whether they want to convert hockey to archives where people dig history.

 Now what do they have? Fights. A hell of it. David Clarkson got suspension for 10 games for a fight against the Buffalos Sabres. A team an average fan of the Leafs would consider a low ranking team. That makes me wonder which one really is low ranking between Sabres and the Leafs?

Phil Kessel got his too. But the truth is that the Sabres are quiet a strong team. As usual they were more focus than the Leafs  and so was Ottawa Senators, another team the Leafs considered undermanned but they beat them.

If only Leafs  could understand and face reality, they will start working hard, giving us goals not fights. Then will we know that Toronto Maple Leafs is scorers and not Brawlers.

By Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso

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