Transgender Homecoming Queen Suicidal? (Video)

Transgender Homecoming Queen Suicidal?

Transgender homecoming queen Cassidy Lynn Campbell has posted a disturbing video on YouTube in which she breaks down crying about the terrible bullying she has received in the last few days. Campbell won the title over the weekend at her high school’s football game during halftime. She’d nominated herself for the title in order to show the transgender community that trans people can achieve their dreams. But now, she’s had to face a huge backlash of negativity and cruel comments on social media. On the video, she can be seen crying as she explains the level of harassment and bullying she has endured. Her YouTube video verges on the expression of someone who may be suicidal.

What is most upsetting, though, is that she says she’s thinking of “giving it all up” and that she is “tired of life.” While crying, she explains, “Sometime I wonder is it even worth it, and if I should go back to being miserable and be a boy and hate myself and hate my life, just so everyone can just shut up and leave me alone. I’m so sad and so distraught and so broken down and so upset and so deteriorated and so tired of the world. I’m tired of life. And I know I need to be strong for the kids that I did this for and people I did this for, but I can’t right now.”

These words should be ringing major alarm bells with Campbell’s family, and with anyone close to her. Now is a time for her friends and everyone in her circle to gather around her and support her, in case what she is expressing are suicidal thoughts. Whenever someone says they are “so tired of the world” and “so tired of life” and says they are “broken down” and “distraught,” it is cause for concern.

It’s especially concerning because transgender people report a 41% total rate of suicide attempts by the time they are adults. For any 16-year old going through being propelled into the public eye, the stress levels experienced are tremendous. For someone transitioning his or her gender, that stress is compounded a thousand fold. For someone experiencing all of those things as well as getting bullied and abused by vicious social media commenters, the effect could be deadly.

It is vitally important for Campbell’s family to keep a close eye on the beauty queen as she deals with this huge life stressor. It might also be best for her to take a major break from social media. Since social media has been proven to reduce empathy and also self-esteem, partaking in Twitter, YouTube and Facebook may be the worst thing Campbell can do right now.

Other transgender people should reach out to Campbell as much as possible to let her know “it gets better.” It is simply heartbreaking watching this young lady in such obvious despair. It is our responsibility as a society to make sure this girl gets supported and protected by those who love her and by those who care about or empathize with what she is going through.

To all the people on social media giving this young lady a hard time: You should feel immense shame at your vast ignorance. If this transgender homecoming queen is suicidal, it is because of you. Shame on you! Here’s to hoping Campbell turns off the computer and spends some much-needed time with family and friends until the attention calms down.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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