Two Washington Teens Attack Mother With Sword to Eat Her Liver

Two Washington Teens Attack Mother With Sword to Eat Her Liver

In Washington State, two teens got together for a little pre-Halloween fun. One of the teens talked the other into attacking his own mother with a sword and then eating her liver.

The Spokane County Sheriff responded to an assault call early Tuesday morning. The call came when the woman awoke from consciousness and found herself bloody and beaten in bed.

At this point, it has not been determined who made the 911 call. But prior to police arrival at the attack scene, it is suspected that the two deranged demons ran from the house when the mother became conscious.

Upon entering the home, the sheriff discovered the woman in bed covered in blood. Lying next to her body were two knifes and a sword with a 45-degree bend in the handle. The handle’s damage most likely the result from the vicious attack. Luckily the mother did not remember the attack, but did remember that the handle on the sword had not previously been bent.

The wounded woman who has not been identified was transferred to the hospital and is physically in stable condition. However, the mental impact on the mother knowing what her child was capable of could be much more damaging than any type of physical wound.

At the bloody scene, the Sheriff detected no signs that the home had been broken into, so suspicion deflected towards the woman’s 13-year old son and his 14-year old friend in the brutal liver eating sword attack.

Deputies’ arrived at the friend’s house for questioning. Unaccounted for, the teen’s father thought his son was spending the night with the other boy. It was then he discovered that his SUV Dodge Durango and keys were missing.

The vehicle was discovered when a call was dispatched from the police concerning a hit and run incident using the same description as the vehicle in question. Police responded to the vehicular incident finding the unoccupied Durango still warm and idling and a severely damaged mobile home that the Durango had crashed into.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the teens continued on with their destructive path. Preventing capture by police, the suspects allegedly broke into a house to hide. While in concealment, the boys took a hammer to the walls, windows, floors and doors of the home destroying the finishes.

Enforcement tracked the suspects to a home wherein they hid. When the juveniles ran from the newly destroyed property to avoid capture, a trooper and his K9 helper seized the suspects.

Once in custody, the 14-year old confessed to officials that both teens had taken blue pills prior to machete of the mother. Also, eating her liver was on the 14-year old’s to do list before the two fled the house and got out-of-town.

When asked, the boys provided no motive for the attack on the mother and why the teens ended the assault before eating her alive. The mother’s son did advise police that the blue pills made them do it and they would never had done anything like this if they were sober.

The boys have since been booked into juvenile detention and are being charged with second-degree assault, stealing a vehicle, burglary and second-degree malicious mischief. Both are being held without bail.

The City of Spokane can now feel safe that the two teens that attacked their mother with a sword were apprehended, and while in custody may be asking for liver at their next meal.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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