Useful iOS7 Tricks You May Not Know about yet

Useful iOS7 Tricks You May Not Know about yetApple’s mobile operating system just got a major redesign with the release of iOS 7 a few days ago. It had a completely new look plus a host of new features and functionalities that may have not been obvious from the get-go. Here are some of the most useful ones:

1. Blocked Contacts
A long-awaited feature finally comes to life in iOS 7. Now, you can block people from your contact list from calling, messaging, or sending you a FaceTime request. For numbers that are not on your contact list (which is probably 99% of the numbers you would want to block anyway), just go to your Recent call list, tap the “i” button, and scroll down to select Block This Caller. For text messages, tap on Contact in the upper right corner, then the “i” button, then Block This Caller.

2. Dynamic Type
This iOS refresh now supports Dynamic Type, giving you more control over the size of the fonts on your screen. A quick visit to Settings > General > Text Size, and you’re done. Note that this won’t work for all apps as not all of them have added support for this feature yet. There is also an extra feature under Settings > General > Accessibility that allows you to turn on the feature for Bold Text.

3. Burst Mode
The built-in Camera app on iOS 7 has added a burst mode, which takes a series of rapid shots when you hold down the shutter button. That’s good news for people trying to capture subjects in motion, not-so-good for people who are low on storage space. So far, there’s no way to turn Burst Mode off, but perhaps other camera apps will be able to offer more control over this feature.

4. Timestamps
Each message on the Message app now has timestamps, making it easier to see when messages are sent or received. To view the timestamps, just give the message window a tug to the left and there they are. Release the window and they disappear neatly back into the right side of the screen.

5. Teach Siri how to pronounce your name
You can finally tell Siri how she should be pronouncing your name. To set this up, ask Siri to pronounce your name and she’ll play back some options for you to select. You can do this several times until she gets it right. If she’s still having some difficulty, try exaggerating the pronunciation a little bit and see if that works.

6. Quit multiple background apps
Quitting background apps was a little unclear in the beginning, because there used to be a little button you could press to do that. Now, pressing the Home button twice brings up windows of apps that are running in the background. To quit, swipe upwards. To quit multiple apps, swipe on the windows you want closed with multiple fingers.

7. Track individual app’s data usage
For those of you who have a limited data plan, you can easily monitor which one of your apps are using the most data with a quick visit to Settings > Cellular. From there you can opt to restrict a particular app to using the data network, which means they will only be able to access the internet via a wi-fi network.

Written By: Racquel Narciso