Va Jay-Jays and Boobs – Do They Make Women Cheat?

Men Cheat More Than Women
After reading a recent article entitled “Men Cheat More Than Women Because They Have Penises;” I laughed-till-I-cried.  Not because it was funny, but because it’s difficult to definitively pinpoint why men do anything that goes against grain.  I then posed a question to myself.  If men cheat because they have penises, do women cheat more because they have va-jay-jays and boobs?  I hope not.

Nevertheless, if the article is true, and some men cheat because their appendage is as large as their ego and they want to show it off; then conversely, some women may cheat for the same reason.  After all, receiving a new va-jay-jay because of neovaginoplasty, a.k.a. “vaginal rejuvenation” surgery, or becoming the proud recipient of new or enhanced, melon-sized, breast implants could have the same effect on us.  But does it?

While members of both sexes are known to step out on their partners (with males in the lead); it doesn’t take a scientific study to figure out why some men cheat. I can, and will, give at least 11 reasons for this doggish behavior.  Let’s make reason number one the obvious:

  1. Because they can! Or…
  2. Because they’ve seen Bubble-licious swinging, shaking or twerking it, up-and-down the stripper pole.  And they can’t forget the visual.  Or…
  3. Their longtime-mate has become a stale-mate; either in the bedroom or in real-time. Or…
  4. They’re looking for a sexual performance level that was never there, or has ceased to exist with their significant other. Or…
  5. They want someone with bigger breast or a bigger bottom.  Or…
  6. Someone with larger…more user-friendly lips, with emphasis on the latter.  Or…
  7. They liked the chase, enjoyed conquest, ate the cookie, and have moved on.  Or…
  8. They’re aroused by a visual concept of how it would be.
  9. Their sexual appetite has changed and you didn’t change with it.
  10. VIAGRA
  11. And my personal favorite, WOOF.

In years past, I may have said that men have higher sex drives than women and that’s why they cheat, but I’ve long-since dismissed that idea.  Even though a man’s libido may work overtime, many women are working the second shift too, and we love our job.

Sure, women could behave as badly as men each time something or someone aroused us.  But most times we don’t because of love and two other sustaining allies. Alley number one would be exercising self-restraint in tempting situations; and number two is simple, and only requires a set of double AA or triple AAA batteries.

Like men, women too, have strong responses to sexual temptation, however we may never succumb to the dress-creeping hand during a kiss, or we may, in intense situations, call foul and stop the game before the deed is done.  Men on the other hand, hit a home run most of the time, and worry about the consequences later.

The article also stated that triggers for men are visual, while triggers for  women are emotional.” However, the writer forgot one very big trigger, Alcohol!   Throw a little of that in the mix to decrease inhibitions and you’ve got a cheat-fest of the highest caliber.

Researchers can run studies from now to next year on the male psyche, testosterone, sexual triggers, and anything else concerning the cheating habits of men.  And speculate as they may, the answer will probably remain the same, no one knows for sure. Not even the cheater.


Written By DeBorah Heggs-Alston

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