Wendy Davis for Texas Governor – Pro-Life Activists Are Not Opposed?

Wendy Davis for Texas Governor – Pro-Life Activists Are Not Opposed?

On October 3, when State Senator Wendy Davis announces her possible run as Governor of Texas, pro-life activists are not likely to be opposed to her candidacy.

In two weeks, Davis will reveal her plans to supporters who signed up for the text alert to inform them of whether she will run for Texas State governor. The alert will also instruct supporters to spread the word via social media.

Advisor and Democratic strategist Matt Angle feels that those who support Wendy Davis’ candidacy will be pleased with her announcement. Adding that Davis’ challenge in running for governor will be that she is considered a decided underdog.

Wendy Davis for Texas Governor – Pro-Life Activists Are Not Opposed?

Wendy Davis is known for her filibusting debut in the political realm with her one-woman literal standoff against anti-abortion legislation. Because of the success with the 11-hour filibuster she created in the Senate blocking legislation from being passed that would severely limit abortion rights, Wendy gained political notoriety with the public. Because of her undefeated stance and cleverness in the Texas Senate that evening, the bill was filibusted not to pass. The woman has received nationwide attention and praise for this unflinching act.

After the filibuster, Governor Rick Perry eventually made a counter-move and held a special session in order that the passing of the bill would be successful the second-time around.

As Perry steps down from his governorship, possibly to make a second attempt at presidency in 2016, it has been suggested that front-runner Attorney General Greg Abott will be his Republican replacement. Abbot has already raised $25 million for his upcoming campaign compared to Davis’ small $6.2 million.

Davis did not campaign during the illness of her father, Jerry Russell who became sick after abdominal surgery. Jerry Russell was founder of a Fort Worth theater company. Davis reenergize the campaign after her father’s death on Sept. 5 to again focus in the candidacy before her.

Is it time for a woman Democrat to take the reigns of the Texas governor’s chair?

Wendy Davis for Texas Governor – Pro-Life Activists Are Not Opposed?

Pro-life activity Lila Rose is not opposed of Wendy Davis candidacy as governor. She tells The Christian Post in an interview that for Pro-lifers, Davis running for governor will have positive effects.

As the media and people dislike discussing the abortion ticket, Davis platform will shine a spotlight on the issue forcing animate discussion on a topic less approached.

Lila Rose told The Christian Post that Wendy Davis’ candidacy will expose her abortion agenda and its horrifying facts with big abortion corporations racing closely behind to back her candidacy.

Polls show that the American majority supports Davis more so than men. But not all are supportive with Davis in governorship.

The Christian Post has a different viewpoint concerning support. The magazine writes that Americans, Texas women in particular, oppose Davis for supporting gruesome late-term abortions on fetuses capable of feeling pain. This idea is not what gets a candidate into the governor’s mansion.

However, in Davis’ interview with Vogue, the magazine takes another angle on the filibuster as a role model to encourage people to rise above poverty. At the age of 19, Davis was a divorced mother living in a trailer park attending college. Rising to the challenge, Harvard is where she earned her degree.

Opposed or not, pro-life activists will have to concede to the fact that on Oct 3, the announcement being text to supporters all over the nation will read– Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas!

Written by Lisa Graziano

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