What to Know About the Emmy Awards Tonight

What to Know About the Emmy Awards Tonight

Tonight, it is television’s time to shine, their turn for attention and to pat themselves on the back. Yes it is that time of year once again and it is the 65th year of the Emmy Awards. Now to get to what you need to know about  tonight to get more enjoyment out of them.

The ceremony will be coming to everyone live from the Nokia Theatre in the Los Angeles area. Expect to see Walter White competing with himself since Bryan Cranston is scheduled to be there and the second-to-last episode of Breaking Bad will be airing at the same time. But you do not have to worry, remember what you must know about your DVR. You need to make sure to be using it this evening so you will not miss anything important on any channel.

Make sure you have your snacks all ready and that you are food prepared! After all, you do not want to miss anything while being stuck going through your refrigerator.  Hopefully you are a Neil Patrick Harris fan. After all, he will be host tonight. The How I Met Your Mother star first took control of the Emmys in 2009. He will be doing the same tonight.  If you are not, that might be a good time when you can raid the kitchen for snacks.

What to Know About the Emmy Awards Tonight

Glee star Jane Lynch is going to give a memorial accolade to her close friend and Glee costar, the late Cory Monteith. In a very special tribute, there will also be an In Memorium piece dedicated to Monteith, Gary David Goldberg, James Gandolfini, Jean Stapleton, and Jonathan Winters. These deceased individuals will be honored for their television work and iconic roles, especially Stapleton and Winters.

What to Know About the Emmy Awards TonightElton John will also be performing onstage. Even though the Emmys is about television, it will be nice to see the I’m Still Standing performer sing. He is slated to put on a tribute to the musical legend Liberace. The late piano player’s HBO movie Behind the Candelabra, is going for 15 Emmys.

Speaking of singers, could The Voice really get an Emmy this year? The show has won numerous other awards such as Best Reality Series. TV experts argue the show may be an Emmy favorite. Everyone will find out this evening what happens.

The show The Modern Family has been on an amazing winning spree. For the past three years in a row, the series has received top honors for outstanding comedy. If it wins again, this will not be any surprises for the ABC show. It has been on quite a streak and that is not expected to be broken this evening.

But the best of the best will most likely be centered around Walter White. This will be Breaking Bad‘s night to shine. The end is in sight for the show finale, so all signs definitely point to many wins for the show. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Anna Gunn are all expected to win Emmys in their specific acting categories. Emmy night should be very good to all of the individuals associated with the Breaking Bad television series. No one there should go home unhappy. Now you know for the most part what to expect of the Emmy Awards this evening and you can say you are definitely prepared.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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