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Whatever you Believe is True

What do you believe in?  God? Multiple realities?  Life after death?  That kale is good for you?  That childbirth has to be painful and chocolate is the food of the gods?  I can pretty much guarantee that while these common beliefs are going on, at the same time someone out there does not believe in God or life after death and the idea of multiple realities is the most bogus concept in the world.  Someone actually thinks kale is bad for you, that childbirth is blissfully orgasmic and sent from the divine mother as a blessing… and chocolate is of the devil.  Beliefs are subjective and, by their very nature, personal to the one believing them.  There are those that think we ought to just do away with beliefs all-together, since beliefs are inconclusive…this too being yet another belief.  There is one thing that pretty much rules in the whole world of beliefs and disbeliefs and that is – overall – whatever you believe is gonna be true for you – whatever you believe.

Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or can’t either way you are right” and Napolean Hill was famous for his quote: “Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve.

Saying that “whatever you believe is true for you” is kind of a silly statement, seeing how as soon as it proves itself false, you no longer believe in it.  But how about going the other direction?  Will stopping believing in something make it untrue?  Or are there somethings that are inherently true no matter what?  It seems as though if something can qualify as a belief, then it can also be disbelieved and therefore proved wrong by the reasoning of some person’s mind.

Create your own reality

In new-age philosophy and metaphysics there is a common saying “you create your own reality” and is adopted, by many. as a belief in their own power to manifest a life that suits their desires.  This belief holds true for many of these people in that, by taking responsibility for whatever happens as part of  the individual’s creation – the question is always turned back on the self to inquire why one might have chosen to create whatever is playing out.  In this frame of thinking, the self is the origin for creation, therefore all that is being enacted in one’s life is somehow emanating from the inside, a reflection of thoughts or beliefs, known or still as yet unknown.

As one goes along the path of believing in self-creation, at some point one reaches the stance of choosing to take a stance on what is created, no longer accepting the way everything “is” as what must be.   A deeper relationship with the self develops, along with a trust that it is okay to produce desirable creations by believing them into existence.  This is a tricky one, because there is always the chance that the one playing this game does not, at some level, truly believe.  When this is true, the disbelief will inevitably show itself as an unwanted situation to help mold the believer into a more aligned state.

Victim mentality

When one does not believe that they create their own reality, they usually instead believe that they are affected by the reality around them, somehow a ‘victim’ of society and its measures.  People watch the news and listen to politics believing that they are at the whim of the world around them, a single person, ill equipped to influence the world at large, even if they would desire it.

In both cases, it remains.  Whatever you believe, is true for you – whatever you believe.  For the one who believes they create their own reality – that is the experience they have.  When something comes up that ruffles them a bit – they look inwardly to find the possible origin of that happening, seeking to alter it for a future experience to turn out with greater ease.   For the one who believes they are at the whim of society, they will watch the news, complain about the politics and engage in fearful antics of victimhood and smallness next to a world and environment that is falling apart.

Universal Laws

Some who like to debunk metaphysical lingo and philosophy would argue that complaining about the news in no way perpetuates its influence.  Others would agree, from experience, that disengaging from a negative mindset and focusing only on what is wanted – creates more of those things.  A popular movie entitled The Secret spoke to this very thing naming it The Law of Attraction.

There is a notion that the universe contains certain laws which are universal.  These laws supersede and go way beyond the laws of man or laws of science as we currently know them.  One of those laws is thought to be the Law of Vibration – which says that things of like vibration will find and be attracted to one another.  You have surely experienced this with people in your life.  Have you ever noticed that you attract people into your experience that are like you?  Either that, or you attract people who push your buttons, showing you an aspect of yourself that you have been hiding or suppressing that needs to be surfaced for healing.

The law of vibration would suggest that if you want to create something into your life that you are not currently experiencing, you must first bring yourself into vibrational alignment with that thing or experience.  By this rational, there is no way the object of your desire could be experienced by longing for it and feeling as though you do not have it.  This thinking creates a separation between you and your desire.  If, instead, you bring yourself into harmony with the object of your desire, this thing or experience will have to manifest for you – based on this simple law.  You will be like it, therefore it cannot stay away from you.

Beliefs rule

Beliefs, though individual to each person, dictate the reality in which they live.  Someone who believes that the medical world is the only way to go will not necessarily be helped at all by an alternative measure, unless they change their beliefs.  It doesn’t matter how much influence someone in their life tries to give them surrounding the issue.  Beliefs rule.  If you believe that meat is bad for you, then you will likely have a negative experience eating it.  If you believe in conspiracies, you will find one everywhere you look.  If you believe that peace rules the land, you will find that to be true in your reality, no matter what is going on around you.

Quantum physics states that everything in the most minute level is actually pure energy that is conscious, intelligent and living. This energy is directed and governed by consciousness itself. Therefore the physical laws of the universe are actually governed by the mental laws of consciousness. The physical is ruled by the spiritual.

It doesn’t matter if you believe this notion or not – for truly, whatever you believe will be true for you – whatever you believe.  So, if you think the idea that belief influences experience is crazy, then that will be your reality.  If you know it to be true – for you, it will be.  The only way to find peace in this world is to find it within yourself.  For the self is the only true point of reference and origin.  All else spins out from there.  If you don’t believe that beliefs influence reality, just change your belief for a while and see what happens.  Just know that when you do this, your old beliefs are going to hold presadent in your field for a while, like the ripple effect moving across the water…you might have to be patient to start seeing the new waves.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Advanced Life Skills; Creating your Reality; Personal Alchemy Blog; MindReality.com

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