Woman Tragically Duped into Taking Abortion Drugs by Ex-Partner

Woman tricked into taking abortion tablets reveals all

A young woman was duped into an abortion, after her now ex-partner fed her abortions drugs. For the first time, Remee Jo Lee (aged 27) has spoken out against her former lover’s subversive actions, and discussed the tragic circumstances surrounding her abortion with ABC News’ 20/20. According to Lee, the incident in question occurred just seven months into her relationship with John Andrew Welden (aged 29).

Welden and Lee’s Relationship

Welden was the son of a doctor, and was studying at the University of Southern Florida in the fields of biomedical science and religion. Little did Remee know that Welden would use his father’s position to force her abortion, later on down the line.

Lee claims the pair met at a gentleman’s club, called the Class Act Show Bar, where she had previous employment. The two quickly became lovers, after Welden informed her that he had called off a long-term relationship with another woman, called Tara Fillinger.

Mug shot of John Andrew Weldon who tricked a woman into abortion
Mugshot of John Andrew Welden, the man who tricked his partner into having an abortion

Before meeting Welden, Lee had experienced a number of run-ins with the law, and had struggled with alcohol addiction. According to the Tampa Bay Times, during 2012, Lee bit the ear of a security guard and stated she had AIDS, after being reprimanded for stealing almost $300 worth of makeup. During the same year, she had fled the scene of a car accident. In 2011, Lee was found to be in possession of marijuana, which had been stashed in her vehicle. Back in 2005, she had also received a DUI conviction.

Lee claims, when Welden came along, he was the answer to her prayers, during a period when she had “given up hope.”

The couple began a sexual relationship. According to Lee, the couple did not use condoms during their intimate acts, with Welden assuring Lee that he loved her.

It came as no surprise to Lee that she became pregnant. After the first positive pregnancy test, she tried numerous others, all confirming the same result. Delighted by the news, she elected to inform her partner of the pregnancy, dispatching an MMS picture message of the pregnancy test results. Alas, Welden did not take the news well, and responded with the following text:

“Oh God, I want to die. Are you serious? Remee, please don’t do this, I beg you. I am destroyed.”

Lee refused to terminate the pregnancy, telling ABC News that she would never let any harm come to her unborn child, and indicated that she wanted to become a mother.

The Antibiotic/Cytotec Switch

Welden then escorted Lee to a prenatal examination, which was to be held at his father’s office. The following day, Welden then called Lee, alleging to be in receipt of the test results. Welden is said to have informed Lee that she had a mild infection, which required a course of antibiotics to eliminate.

He worked for his father, at his father’s clinics. So it wouldn’t be strange or uncustomary, you know, to call me personally,” Lee said during her latest interview.

The ex-dancer was then handed a series of pills by Welden, who claimed that they were harmless antibiotics and prenatal tablets. After ingesting one of the tablets, she experienced intense pain; during her interview with ABC News, the young woman compared the sensation to someone sticking a bayonet in her stomach.

Cytotec drug was used to induce Lee's abortion
Cytotec was used to induce abortion, in an unsuspecting Lee

After having been transported to the hospital, she was informed that the baby was dead. One of the attending doctors investigated the pills that Lee had been given, and informed her that they were designed for inducing pregnancies and abortions. The drug she had been given was called Cytotec, a synthetic prostaglandin, typically prescribed for treatment of gastric ulcers.

After colluding with the authorities, Lee then arranged to have her telephone conversations with her former boyfriend recorded. A released transcript of the discussion implicates Weldon in the abortion. During the conversation, Weldon admitted to the giving her the abortion pills, before going on to apologize:

“I’m just a horrible person, Remee. I’m sorry I ruined everything.”

Meanwhile, Welden’s father has not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing.

Welden’s plea agreement indicates that he had deliberately tampered with the abortion tablets. In doing so, he removed the identifying marks from the pills and manipulated the prescription label, on the container.

Thus far, Welden is the only individual that has been charged with criminal wrongdoing, after duping Lee into taking the abortion drugs. However, officials are currently investigating the possibility of an unnamed co-conspirator, based as the pharmacy where the young man had retrieved the medication.

Meanwhile, Welden remains under house arrest, and awaits sentencing.

The following video explains how Welden executed his sinister plan, and provides Lee’s own reflection of the tragic circumstances surrounding her abortion:

By: James Fenner

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