Would Nokia Have Been Better Off Switching Its Main OS to Android?

Would Nokia Have Been Better Off Switching Its Main OS to Android?
It was only a few years ago that the majority of cell phone users carried a Nokia phone. Oh, how the tides have turned in the turbulent smartphone seas. Now, Samsung Android phones and Apple iPhones have not just dominated the smartphone global market share, they have almost annihilated their competitors including Nokia.

Nokia has recently been sold to Microsoft for a meager US$7.2 billion. We will have to see what Microsoft does with this acquisition, but they have an incredible obstacle to outdo the current technology giants that are Apple, Samsung, and Google Android.

With that in mind, could Nokia have been better off by simply switching the OS on its flagship Lumia handsets to Android instead of joining the Microsoft empire? Afterall, in 2012, almost 70% of smartphone sales were from Android phones.

This was a “Plan B” option Nokia had considered. According to the New York Times, Nokia actually had blueprints made for the Android OS option. Some supporters of this option stated that Nokia’s superior hardware and camera functionality with Android software could easily outdo Samsung phones.

So would Nokia have been better off switching its main OS to Android? The answer is no.

With all other phone brands using Android operating systems struggling to make any kind of profits against Samsung, ultimately Nokia saw that Microsoft might be able to take the currently weak brand further.

Other disadvantages of Nokia carrying Android are:
• The software integration would take considerable time and effort. Nokia’s software on Windows phones such as free streaming music, photo image processing, and navigation tools would have to be redeveloped before it can launch an Android phone.
• Nokia already has a majority marketshare of Windows Phones. Though dismal compared to overall smartphone sales, the Nokia brand is already closely linked to the Windows brand.

It is exciting to see what Microsoft magic can happen now that it will have the Nokia capability to have the seamless device integration experience that Apple has with its computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. Time will tell if it can really build the third “ecosystem” and be able to hold up its sales against the duopoly of Apple iOS iPhones and Samsung Android phones.

Microsoft and Nokia has to market not just better hardware or software features. It has to offer to the world that lives will be better with a Nokia Windows phone than any other competitor.

As the late Steve Jobs said, “You can throw only so many numbers and figures at people before their eyes glaze over, and it’s much smarter to show how a device can improve a person’s life than to brag about how much RAM it has.”

An exciting peek into the new Windows/Nokia world is this commercial of their ground-breaking cameraphone, the Lumia 1020:

Written By: Chelo Aestrid
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