Would Tebow be an Improvement? Jaguars Fans to Rally for QB

Jaguars fans have long desired to see Tim Tebow playing quarterback for their team, today they will have a rally to make their views clear.
Jaguars fans have long desired to see Tim Tebow playing quarterback for their team, today they will have a rally to make their views clear.

Tim Tebow has garnered about as much attention this year as any free agent quarterback ever has. It is week two of the NFL season, and he is still without a home after being released by the New England Patriots. Some scouts have said that his skills have diminished to the point that he would struggle to make an Arena Football League roster.

Quarterback is a glaring hole on the Jacksonville Jaguars, and fans will meet today at Everbank Field Stadium to rally management to bring in the former Heisman Trophy winner. The rally will be held at 3:16 pm, a fitting time considering Tebow’s highly publicized Christian faith.

Jags-tebow.com, the fansite that announced the rally, stated its reasoning on its site today. “Make it clear, we the fans, want the Jacksonville Jaguars to bring in Tim Tebow. You know you want to see this happen,” they said.

Assuming the fan base somehow finally gets through to the personnel department and the Jaguars sign Tebow, would he actually be an improvement over their current quarterback situation?

Sure, Blaine Gabbert has been dreadful, not once has he even shown a glimmer of the talent that made him a first round draft pick three years ago. Chad Henne, the backup who started for Gabbert, who had a lacerated throwing hand, against the Raiders on Sunday looked slightly more efficient, but nowhere near elite.

Tim Tebow looked downright awful in his brief action in a Patriot uniform this preseason. He posted a game of 1-7 passing for -1 yards remember.

So could he possibly be an improvement?

The answer is yes.

Tim Tebow may have lost to Mark Sanchez and Greg Mcelroy in the 2012 Jets competition, showing perhaps the clearest indication of his prowess as a professional passer.

Despite that he brings something to the table that Jacksonville desperately needs, even if he can’t lead them to a competitive record immediately.

This is coming from someone who has openly questioned whether or not Tebow belongs on an NFL roster many times.

Tim Tebow has the ability to do something that no one else can for the Jaguars. Sell tickets.

Just look at the attendance during their 28-2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs during their home opener this year. Pitiful by NFL standards.

jaguars attendanceFans have no reason to stick around and watch yet another blowout. The team has tried things such as putting NFL Red Zone on the JumboTrons as well as offering free beers with a ticket purchase to draw fans into the park. These have not fixed the empty seat issue, and it is time for something to change.

Last year the Jaguars ranked 20th in the NFL in attendance with just under 65,000 people coming through the gates each home game. That stat does not take into account those that leave early when things begin to look bleak, as they often do for the Jaguars these days.

Tim Tebow has ties to Florida that would make locals fight to come to his games. Amassing a huge following while at Florida, he only added to his celebrity while with the Denver Broncos. Jaguars fans have long been yearning for Tebow, and the time has never been more right than now to bring him in.

Scenes like the one above would not be the norm with fans eager to see what magic Tebow has left in his tank as he leads his team onto the field each Sunday.

Although he may not be an actual improvement over Henne or Gabbert in terms of skill set, the Jaguars patience with their current quarterbacks should be growing thin enough to take a chance on a 26 year old who has the ability to at least run the read-option that has taken over the NFL in recent years.

Add in a strange stat, and the Jaguars have almost no reason not to bring in Tebow.

Over the past 25 years, 16 quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy. Out of all of those men, Tim Tebow is the only one win a playoff game. Shocking, but true. Tebow has shown he can win games at the highest level, more than the current quarterbacks can say.

It remains to be seen whether or not the rally pays off, but at 3:16 today Jaguars fans are going to make clear their desires to see Tim Tebow at quarterback. It is then up to the Jaguars brass to please a fan base that is tired of losing.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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