X Factor Auditions Continue September 12 (Review)


Tonight, the X Factor is on again for the second night this week. The auditions continue in Denver, Colorado, and in Long Island, New York. Will someone we see tonight be the ultimate winner?

At the start of the show, we see people singing in their showers in Denver, singing “Walking On Sunshine.”

Mario Lopez introduces the four categories again: Boys, Girls, Over 25s, and Groups. Thousands of people have turned out in Denver to audition. The Denver Coliseum is where the auditions are taking place.

Yosselin, 21, is a model who wants to be  a pop star. She doesn’t even know Simon Cowell’s name — not a good sign to start off with. Simon says she’s “Absolutely as nutty as a fruit cake.”

She is pretty atrocious, trying to sing “I’m the Only Girl in the World,” using a telephone to try to see the lyrics. She says: Denver wants me, right?”

Simon tells her that “Denver hates you.”

She says she thinks “that guy” just got mad because “I didn’t know his name.”

Thomas  Weiderspon is the next contestant up. He attempts singing “Your Man,” by Josh Turner.  Simon says he “acted as if as if he’d gotten too much starch in his laundry” –another one not moving on. Then, we see a bunch of people who get turned down.

One, Simon says was like watching “a goldfish who thinks he’s a shark.”

Then, they watch Sean Harris, who tries to to see “Amazing Grace.” Demi said, imitating Simon: “You were like an elephant trying to skydive with a small parachute.”

Rylie Brown, 15,  finally is the first one to do a great job. She sings “Clarity” by Zedd. She is nervous, though, and stops singing for a few seconds before starting in again. She has some pipes; her voice soars; hopefully, her forgetting the lyrics for a few moments won’t affect her moving on.

Simon: “Well, you messed up…but, who cares, with a voice like that. I absolutely love you.” Then, he adds “You’re one to watch. I really, really mean that.”

Demi loved her singing voice, and said she can’t believe how young she is. Paulina agreed with her assessment. Kelly adds that they’ll help Rylie grow through the competition, though she did a pretty darn good job right from the start.

They all four tell her “yes.” The judges and audience give her a standing ovation — she was amazing. “I love her. I love, love, love that girl,” Simon says to the other judges, when Riley’s left the stage.

After the first commercial break,Jeffrey Brinkman, 36, is on next. He’s from Colorado, and operates a Doggy Day Care.  He says his baby daughter came 6 weeks early, allowing him to be there for the auditions.

The song he’s chosen is “You Are So Beautiful.” He sings it in a heart-felt, sort of husky voice, and the audience goes wild, screaming out — he’s like a white Louis Armstrong, or Joe Cocker.

He rocks the song — awesome job! The audience give him a standing ovation.

Demi: “I love how you sing.” Kelly says that she loves Jeff’s sincerity, and adds that he has “such a genuine personality.”

Paulina says that she loves his “raspy voice” and thinks his performance was “beautiful.”

Simon said he thought it was a fantastic audition, and he has “a brilliant, brilliant voice.” He’s going on to the next round.

Back from the commercial break, the auditions continue in Long Island, New York. Over 17,000 turned out, the most ever. One male contestant acted as if he was about to take his pants off.

Jocelyn Hinton, 34,  from Pittsburgh sings next. She sings Katy Perry’s “Fireworks.” She forgets the words, and stops a couple of times. She sings off-key

Simon: “Jocelyn, I like you — you just can’t sing very well.” He said: “It’s just not going to happen.”

Jocelyn just keeps right on singing, though — finally, Simon puts his arm around her shoulder, and walks her off the stage. We then see a montage of other people who can’t believe that they weren’t accepted — one says: “I hate you right now!”

Rachel Potter, 29, from Nashville, Tenn., sings next. She says: “It’s now or never.” She says she wants to prove that her age isn’t an issue. She’s a bartender in Nashville, who wants to be a country singer.

She says she’s doing to do a country version of “Somebody to Love,” by Queen. She does a fantastic job — I wouldn’t have thought that a country version could be made of it, nor that a country singer could handle the range of someone like Freddie Mercury — but, I’ll give her credit; she did an extremely good version of it.

The judges all give her a standing ovation. “You have the look, you have the best voice I’ve heard, and this industry is ready for you,” Demi says. Rachel receives four “yeses” from the judges.

“I had my doubt, This moment officially validates my life dream because four people made me feel it was all worth it.

When we come back from the break, the song “I Don’t Care,” plays, and we see a montage of the women disagreeing with Simon about contestants, and then the three female judges hit a Simon Cowell pinata.

The first contestant back from break is Jorge Pena., 22, from Columbia, originally. Simon asks him if he eats the ice cream himself; he says “I’m lactose intolerant!” He sings “Amame,” is Spanish.

Jorge sort of insults Demi by saying to her “Tell me, woman!” He was acting too cocky, and the women judges were kind of turned off by that. “I really, really don’t like your attitude, ” Demi said, and then slams him in Spanish. He does get four yeses, but he almost killed his chances to move on to the next round by acting like an ass.

Simone Torres, 19, is next. She’s from Port Jefferson Station, Long Island. Her whole family is there. She sings “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett.

Simon: “She’s a funny little thing, isn’t she?”

She has a much deeper, smokier voice than one would expect from her youth and quirkiness. She asks the audience to “Come on, sing along!” She knocks it our=t of the park! Simon clapped both hands over his head –she was very, very impressive — the audience gives her a standing ovation.

Demi: “We all can agree — we all really really want to hug you!”

Simon says “This was the best audition of the day!” and added: “You really, really are special.”

She gets four yeses — Simon says it’s “2,405 ‘yeses,'” as he counts the audience. Simone breaks down, as she leaves the stage, crying tears of happiness.

After the break, we’re back in Denver.

Representing the Over 25s is Russ Pouliot, 56. He tries to sing Presley’s hit song, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” He has a deep voice, but is no Elvis, to put it mildly.

He keeps on singing, and won’t stop. One of the judges takes the guy’s microphone away from him when he tries to sing again. Needless to say, he doesn’t move on to the next round.

Following the commercial break, the women talk Simon into singing — he does a cross between Elvis and Russ, just messing around.

Next up are three sisters from Detroit, Roxxy Montana. They sing “One Night Only” from Dream Girls, by Jennifer Hudson. Simon says “Wow” under his breath, early into the song. Simon tells one of them, Temperance: “To me, your voice is so much better than the other two’s.” The audience groans in reaction.

They then do a church song, to give them a second chance; they sing it a capella. That might maybe have saved them. “You all are singing your faces off,” one judge says. “When you all come together, it’s something so special.”

Simon: “You’re really all good together, but–you’ve got a secret weapon,” he says, meaning Temperance. He adds: “You’re potentially, apart from the groups that I’ve put together, the best group ever on the X Factor.”

“That’s four big fat’ yeses.’ Congratulations!” Simon tell them.

“I love the group. I do,” Simon says to the other judges after Roxxy Montana  leaves the stage.

Back in Long Island: Many are hoping to turn in their daily grind for a life-long dream,” Mario narrates.

Al Calderon, 19, is up next. He sings “Sara Smile” by Hall & Oates. He works at his family’s restaurant. Al does a pretty good job — the females in the audience clearly love the performance.

Kelly flirts with him saying that if she were 18, she’d love to have him singing to her.Simon then comments that Kelly would” need a time machine.”

Demi chimes in, clearly liking to mess with Simon. She says Simon is the last person who should be talking about time machines, and adds: “I don’t think there’s a time machine that goes that far back.”

Demi tells Al: “I have a feeling that you won’t be working at that restaurant anymore,” meaning he rocked the song out.

Simon: “I believe that the music business is waiting for someone like you right now.” He gets four “yeses” from the judges, and moves on.

“I’m done,” Al says. “No more ‘Happy Birthday’ for me,” He had sung “Happy Birthday” to people at his family’s restaurant.

Once more, we’re back in Long Island after a commercial break. A single mom is the first contestant. “Winning this competition would mean I never have to sing in the subways again.”

She’s Denise Weeks, 41. She has two kids in college. She sings “The Greatest Love of All, by Whitney Houston. She  starts off doing what I believe was a good job; but, Simon stops the music, and says that she sounded like she was singing without emotion.

Then, he has her sing it a capella; she does an amazing job of it — really belts it out, as she continues on, getting more and more confident — the audience erupts in cheers.

The audience gives her a standing ovation. Simon asks her what she does for a job; he is amazed that she sings in subways. He says: Guess what — the X Factor was waiting for you.”

Kelly: “We were waiting for you — period.”

The judges all give her ‘yeses.’ “You’ve got four big fat ‘yeses.'” Simon tells her.

“This is what I’ve been waiting my whole life for,” Denise says, offstage.

More commercials, and then — we see a montage of people who have made it to the second round, and of some who failed, and a short video preview of next week’s episode to end the episode. We see a Baby Destiny’s Child,  a marriage proposal,  a gospel choir (of sorts) and pissed-off contestants who don’t make it to the next round.

There were some truly spectacular performers and performances, and some that weren’t so great. That’s part and parcel of the audition process, of course, just as it  is in American Idol, The Voice, etc. Both Denver and Long Island showed that they have a lot of talented performers — this season could be shaping up to be the best one yet for X Factor!



Written by: Douglas Cobb