A Six Year Old Answers Life’s Hardest Questions


I decided to ask a six year old some of life’s hardest questions and had some very interesting responses.  These answers are definitely not text book, but some lead one to contemplate what you think you know about life.

Q -Where do you think we came from?

A- God.

Q- What’s God?

A- God is nothing.

Q-So how did we come from nothing?

A-It’s kind of hard to explain.  In this world you think God is everything, and that is true, but you can’t describe God, so you say God is nothing.  It’s just an easier way to describe it.

Q- How do you talk to God?

A- When you talk to God it’s not you.  You want to talk to God?  You have a dragon, which is your life force.  Your dragon goes up and talks to God, so you have to tell the dragon your questions.  God is peace, love, the yin yang (which is harmony) – so it is the Divine Light.

God will open a portal when you ask, which expands and expands until it is as big as you want it.  Inside will be what you like.  What you asked for.  So you go in the portal and you end up on the other side, you step in and you step out.  The portal does not close.  In the portal will be your real life totems.

Your dragon is a spiral, you will see a spiral.  You will see your totems, like mine is a cat, shark and bunny.  If you want peace, you go in one place, if you want love, another, and yin yang, which is harmony, another part of the portal.

Q- What if you want to ask for money?

A- That’s a whole different board.

Q- What happens when you die?

A- You get reincarnated and your spirit finds a new body.

Q- Is there life on other planets?

A- Yes there is.  Next question.

Q- What’s the best way for people to get along.

A-Get a whistle.  And blow it in their ear when they start to get annoying. If that doesn’t work, ask God.  Or…the easiest way, just ignore them.  If they get too annoying while you are ignoring them, run outside.

Q- How do have world peace?

A- The dragon spirits will come out of the combined forces of your three favorite animals, going into the spirit of each man and woman, turning into peace, joy and harmony, which turns into yin and yang for balance.

Q- How do people stop getting sick?

A- I’ll tell you that, but…I will tell you that – Get Aloe Vera, and connect it to make a dragon strong enough to heal all wounds.

Q- Why do people get sick?

A- Because there is a virus that takes over and the dragon that is inside of you that protects your totems, …the dragon fails and the disease can get to your weakest animals.  If you have a tough animal in your totems, that animal can protect your other totems.

Q- Are people supposed to eat animals?

A- No, because animals are alive.  How would you like it if someone ate you? That probably hurts the animals too.

Q- Why are there poor people?

A- Because their dragon inside died and they had their totems, but all of their totems could not fight anymore.

Q- Why do we have so much talk of dragons and totem?

A- I just never wanted to talk about this before, I saved it for the right time. You were looking for the real answers, right? The other kinds of answers are just fake answers I do not know.

Q- What’s the healthiest food to eat?

A- Everything that’s natural, like carrots, beets, water, pineapple, blueberries, apples, oranges, kale, and a lot of other things. Radish.

Q- Why do we need sleep?

A- Because the dragon has been fighting all day to the bad things that are coming into your body and it needs rest.

Q- Is it possible to not have anything to fight with your dragon all day?

A- Yeah, if you put a force field up.  I’ll tell you where you keep your dragon and special totems.  You keep them in your mind.  Each totem has a power.  You put a force field up by activating your third eye.

The dragon is your life force.  If you are typing, the dragon is typing.  The totems are for something else.  Your totems give you powers like exercising, rock climbing, other stuff like that, that’s when when your totems come active.  Any sport you play your totems are involved.

Q- How do you know what your totems are?

A- It has to be an animal you have experienced for a very long time, including all your lives.  Like, I have experienced being a bunny for a long time.  I have experienced being a cat for a long time.  If you have a cat, you can change it to any other cat, if you have a shark totem, you can change it to any shark – like that.

So, say if I had a beetle, I could change it to an ant.  If I had a goose, I could change it to a chicken.

Q- If someone is very sick, they have a problem with their dragons, their totems, or both?

A- Well, if you are weak, or just a little sick, your dragon is failing.  Or if you use your totem too much, like in rock climbing, your totem may get tired and fall off.

Q-What are the most important things people can remember in life?

A- The Divine Light, their dragon and their totems

Q- Is there anything else you’d like to tell people?

A- Yes, you just haven’t asked me the question.

Q- Okay…

A- So, everything is connected to God, if you follow the lines (he’s drawing a web of life on a white board), you’ll see.  I’m just waiting for another question.

Thank you very much.  Maybe our readers have some questions for you?

If you would like to ask a quite conscious and creative six year old some of life’s hardest questions, you can do so in the comment box below.  I hope you have enjoyed this conversation as much as I have.


Written by: Stasia Bliss



6 Responses to "A Six Year Old Answers Life’s Hardest Questions"

  1. Dannion   October 27, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    you guys are all retards this is an opinion from a delusional six year old, please rethink what you are believing. Thanks

  2. frank   August 21, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Typo…lol I ment can you have more than 3 totems

  3. frank   August 21, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    Love it… my question is , can we have more than one totem

  4. Jack   November 3, 2013 at 8:26 am

    Amazing, I love his/her perspective! I also have a question. I feel that we come to this earth for a reason. How do we find our true purpose for being here? Many thanks and much love!

  5. Maryh   October 31, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    AWESOME!! I’m saving this! Somehow. My question is, how to connect with my totems and dragons every day.

    • Stasia Bliss   October 31, 2013 at 3:15 pm

      He replies… To know your totems, think of your three favorite animals – even a nature spirit (tree, river, plant) will work. These are your totems. you have to connect through your third eye – because your totems are in your head. You send a light wave from your forehead to your dragon and the totems are activated. You can summon any of your totems or your dragon, and your totems can combine.

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