Al-Shabaab Is Vowing to Continue with Their Terrorist Attacks

Al-Shabaab Is Vowing to Continue with Their Terrorist Attacks

The extremist group Al-Shabaab, who claimed responsibility for the devastating Kenyan Mall terror attack last week, have vowed to continue their destructive attacks in Kenya. The Westgate Shopping Mall in Kenya was the center of a horrible militant attack by the terrorist group last week. This attack claimed the lives of more than 67 people and left scores of others injured or missing. This is an absolute nightmare for the Red Cross community, who is part of the clean-up operation in that city. Horrific details of this attack are still emerging following the attempts to restore normality to the region. This attack on innocent people who were killed and maimed, shocked the world.

Al-Shabaab issued a statement and warned that they would continue to create chaos and destruction in Kenyan cities. They gave horrific descriptions of what they want to do in and around these Kenyan cities, mentioning that “rivers of blood” would flow. Following the ordeal of the Westgate Shopping Mall incident, and the horrifying descriptions from survivors of how this group showed no remorse for their actions, it is clear they will continue to anger the world. The reason for their rebellious attitude and outburst is to instill fear into the Kenyan people and urge the Government to withdraw its military personal from Somalia.

Al-Shabaab has actively been involved in previous terror attacks and remains a constant threat to many countries. The aggressive militant group is not planning on stopping their terrifying campaign and plan to continue taking action against the Kenyan government. This terrorist group displays itself as a destructive force and exhibits a demonic regime whom demonstrate merciless conduct.

The Kenyan government is determined to maintain its armed forces in Somalia until a peaceful resolution is found. The President said in a statement that the Kenyan forces were sent to Somalia to restore peace and would remain in that country until the job is done. He stated that his government would not be intimidated. President Uhuru Kenyatta remains committed to his actions and will not allow the terrorist group to spread fear into the Kenyan people.

In retaliation to the President’s statement, the members of Al-Shabaab said they would intensify their actions around Kenya and named Nairobi as one of the cities that was expected to feel the wrath of their terror. They went on to say the Kenyan government did not learn a lesson from the Westgate Shopping Mall attack. Defiant and determined to remain a threat, they claimed they would continue their terrorist attacks until every last Kenyan army personal left Somalia. The leaders of Al-Shabaab said they had every right to defend their country, Somalia, from its enemies.

Al-Shabaab has a link to the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and continues to recruit vulnerable people into their militant organization worldwide. Al-Shabaab uses social network services to advertise their terrorist group activities and to entice the callow youth into their network of terror. Their campaign waged in defense of the Islamic faith against people, organizations and countries that are regarded as hostile toward Islam must stop. The loud and offensive threats continue their wave of terror around Kenya is not to be discarded as a hollow promise. The world needs to unite against terrorist groups and use the strongest possible action to stop this surge of unnecessary violence.


Written by Laura Oneale

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