Baby Hope’s Mother Has Been Found

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It has been over 20 years since the decomposing body of an unknown child was discovered inside a cooler, which had been left next to the highway in Manhattan, on the north side. But now police investigators have been questioning a woman whom they suspect could know who that baby was, they believe Baby Hope’s mother has been found.

The detective got a tip on the woman’s identity, and then they were able to prove she was related to the little girl who grew to be called Baby Hope when her body was found back during the summer of 1991. Her mother was given certain kinds of DNA testing that had not existed at that time.

The police explained how the DNA allowed the match to be made with the mother and that she has cooperated with them on all levels. She has given them personal data such as what Baby Hope’s real name was and her age. They did not release any information on the mother herself or on any potential suspects in the case.

It was stated that homicide was very likely in the child’s demise so the investigation would be going that way and that the mother was not the only person being looked at. Baby Hope and the woman had both been living in New York City during the time the child had been discovered but the police did not explain any farther on this as well.

Finding the mother has brought authorities one step nearer to possibly being able to solve this case, one that took hold of New York that summer of 1991 and troubled investigators who followed nearly a thousand leads, and still never could even discover the child’s real name.

They have yet to arrest anyone in association with Baby Hope’s case, so officials explained how police investigators are continuing with extreme care. They feel they have gone for over two decades waiting on this; they are going to make sure they do their job correctly.

The case break arrived when detectives got the idea to return to the neighborhood where the body was found, in July of this year to just go over where the body was found, see if there were any clues, or anything that could possibly help them. It seemed like a long shot but they wanted to do it. They then got a tip from a woman who believed she possibly could know a sibling of Baby Hope, said a police officer who is close to the case. By taking the information the woman gave them, investigators talked to different individuals and ultimately established the mother of Baby Hope through the DNA testing.

Back when the deceased child was found,  police detectives started calling her by the name of “Baby Hope,” because of the hope that the horrible crime would eventually be solved. Even in a city such as New York, one that is use to violence, a crime that was this ghastly managed to stand out.

Yet maybe now the city, and more importantly the investigators who have worked so hard all these years will finally get closure on this case. Now that Baby Hope’s mother has been found, maybe Baby Hope can rest in peace.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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