Bigfoot-Big Silliness and New Footage (Video)

Bigfoot-Big Silliness and New Footage (Video)

New footage of Bigfoot emerged today from the same group we reported on yesterday. The “research” group that calls itself the Sasquatch Genome Project has released a video which is comprised of mixed clips of the so-called Sasquatch creature sleeping in the woods along with what looks like a guy in a gorilla suit strolling casually through the trees. Oh, there’s also some night vision-esque, blurry footage of Bigfoot’s face. This all amounts to big silliness and is rapidly becoming a joke among real scientists.

Todd R. Disotell, an anthropologist at New York University took to the radio yesterday to clarify what the scientific community thinks of the most recent Bigfoot study. “She is a laughingstock of people that are of a community that are already kind of wacko. This was not reported in any scientific way whatsoever. It’s complete junk science, and then she misinterprets it,” he said, speaking of lead researcher Dr. Melba Ketchum.

Dr. Ketchum has previously said that Bigfoot creatures are “a type of people” who “have culture,” leading some to ask “what kind of culture?” Do “people” of the Bigfoot persuasion attend the ballet? Do they don themselves in leisure suits and sundresses to attend high tea at 3:00 p.m. sharp in the lobby of the Ritz? Or is the culture they possess more along the lines of wearing tweed jackets with leather elbows and smoking a pipe in the library while sipping sherry?

Those questions are yet to be answered, but what we do know is that biologists have poo-pooed the findings as complete and utter nonsense. Putting aside for a moment the so-called “scientific” research, which Ketchum claims is a five-year long study that yielded DNA evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, let us revert to plain old common sense here. If there are a gaggle of Bigfoot creatures roaming around, why have none of their remains ever been provided by Bigfoot hunters? Surely where there are live Bigfoot (Bigfeet? Is Bigfoot singular or plural?) there are deceased Bigfoot that could be easily obtained and observed in a lab.

If Bigfoot is a type of “human hybrid” as these researchers claim, then they would certainly create dwelling places which would be easily identifiable to the naked eye. They would also most likely not be concerned with remaining invisible. After all, no other ape species is obsessed with hiding in this way. What would be the purpose of it or how would they benefit from doing so?

This preposterous nonsense is a perfect example of how insane people can be brought together by the internet to carry out their ridiculous mockery of science together and then have that travesty recorded and disseminated throughout the world.

The study released yesterday is a whole lot of big silliness and junk science, as Disotell says. When “wackos” are brought together, they sure can waste a lot of money. The study cost $500,000 to complete. Too bad that research money didn’t go toward something that could actually benefit humanity. Watch the new footage of Bigfoot below.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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