Bill Gates and Steve Jobs from Fame to Fired

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Granted Bill Gates still has his place within a company he created, and furthermore the board may even offer him the CEO job – although that is doubtful. In the history of all things tech, there are two marvels that stand above the rest. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started from humble beginnings (although Gates was definitely more upper class humbled) to titans of the technological field. They innovated their brand, silently bartered and accused one another of ripping ideas. Nevertheless, there was an underlying respect between the two competitors. Both endured the explosive field demand of computing, and they met that demand. Steve Jobs was eventually ousted from Apple in 1985 and now Bill Gates is being eyed by executives to be removed, after Steve Ballmer’s exit. How quickly these men went from fame to being fired.

A Newsweek release on the initial departure of Jobs
A Newsweek release on the initial departure of Jobs

Steve Jobs

Quoted once advising if Gates “had dropped acid” he would had been a broader guy, Jobs marked a path of innovation. Well, outside of those jeans and black turtleneck! All is forgiven when it comes to the missed genius mind behind the Apple brand. Former CEO John Sculley relayed that Jobs was still an inexperienced CEO and went into a deep depression after the failure of the 1985 Macintosh Office. Sculley and Jobs debated over the next path of Apple; both appealed to the board and it was Sculley who won favor. The pending doom of being fired was on the horizon from Jobs’ initial fame.

Jobs was removed from executive power and by the fall of 1985, he left Apple behind. While the Apple brand took a different turn and continued to explore innovation development, Jobs was looking to carve a presence in the industry. One of his largest successes was growing the animated development behind Pixar.  By the late 90’s the fired CEO was welcomed back with open arms, more experienced and fully ready to take on the reigns. From iTunes, iMac, iWork and iPhone- Jobs was the creative mind behind Apple. Sadly, in 2011 Jobs died from pancreatic cancer – a hit to the industry and to Apple.

Bill Gates

Gates was always a doer, in 1972 he became a congressional page for the House of Representatives. Thereafter, the young brilliant mind connected with Paul Allen and the two men registered Microsoft. By 1980 Steve Ballmer joined the small yet mighty Microsoft team, within a year from that time Microsoft Corporation was born, naming Bill Gates as CEO. By 1987 Bill Gates became the youngest billionaire at the age of 31-years-old.

In 1998, Microsoft turned to Ballmer and named him President of the corporation. In 2008 Gates officially moved a majority of time and dedication to his foundation and immersed into philanthropy. He remains as chairman and that causes a problem for the board. Ballmer was asked to step down this year and will be finalizing the process early next year. The hit of the PC market and lack of innovation demanded changes within Microsoft.

Ballmer will soon step down and now the eyes from the board moves to Gates’ position. Although, he barely spends time within Microsoft Corporation’s walls, his position allows too much power with little room for creation. Microsoft has now purchased Nokia and is looking to make waves in the mobile market industry, except one blockade- Bill Gates. Shareholders want bigger returns and they are calling on the board to remove Gates from his position to make the necessary trend changes. Gates started selling his shares in a preset basis and by 2018 he would have no more shares, but that date is much too far away for the 5 percent of vested investors who want him out.

Could ousting these two brilliant minds be a Microsoft mistake?
Could ousting these two brilliant minds be a Microsoft mistake?

Wrap Up

Jobs underwent fame, fortune- before he was stripped of all powers. A decade later Apple embraced the return of the visionary, until his final days. Gates on the other hand has always kept a hand in the Microsoft cookie jar, and towards the second half of his life, it is Microsoft who no longer embraces him. He has steadily climbed a mountain of fame and remains dedicated to his foundation. While worthy of praise, investors want and demand change. Only the future holds if Gates will survive the scathing calls of resignation from his investors. Or could he be the visionary, much like Jobs for Apple, that Microsoft truly needs?


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