Brett Favre to St. Louis Rams Makes No Sense

The St. Louis Rams have tried and failed to coax Brett Favre from retirement in the wake of Sam Bradford's torn ACL.
The St. Louis Rams have tried and failed to coax Brett Favre from retirement in the wake of Sam Bradford’s torn ACL.

Apparently the St. Louis Rams have reached out to future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre about possibly once again coming out of retirement after they lost Sam Bradford for the season to a torn ACL. Thankfully for the NFL however, Favre turned down the opportunity, accepting retirement despite recent claims from his agent Bus Cook that the gunslinger still has the ability to compete.

It should come as no surprise that Favre turned down this opportunity, the Rams are nowhere near a contender at 3-4 on the year. In his previous retirements, Favre stated that he would only come back for someone that gave him a realistic chance at the elusive second Super Bowl ring.

Perhaps reaching out to a legend like Favre means that coach Jeff Fisher and the rest of the Rams brass somehow believe they have a chance at making a run in the postseason despite the setback of losing Bradford.

While we will never know for sure if Brett could have turned things around and brought back a little bit of the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ to the Rams, this team is nowhere near playoff ready.

“It’s flattering, but you know there’s no way I’m going to do that,” Favre said Thursday of his suitor attempting to coax him out of his home in Mississippi.

Perhaps being away from the game has been a blessing for the Favres. Since hanging up his cleats, Brett said that “my family took a backseat for 20 years. My 14-year-old daughter plays volleyball and is in the ninth grade and will be playing again the next three years. I’ve taken trips that I never thought I’d take. I’ve gone to Yellowstone, and I’ve gone to Glacier National Park. … We’ve gone down to the Bahamas, we’ve done things that really everybody in my family just kind of waited for.”

So why would he want to put his body on the line once again for a Rams team that stands almost no chance at a Super Bowl is ridiculous. Favre would instantly, even though he is a grandfather, become the best player on the St. Louis offense.

A below average offense even with the former first overall pick Sam Bradford, the Rams rank just 18th in passing yardage and a terrible 29th in rushing yards. Combined they muster just 298.7 yards per game. In today’s offense happy era that total is not conducive to a playoff run.

As fun as it would be to see Brett Favre take over the NFL headlines and Sunday coverage one last time, it just doesn’t make sense for the old gunslinger to go to St. Louis, the Rams are not close enough to contention for his liking.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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