Britney Spears Works It and Twerks It in Work B**ch (Video)


Britney Spears, 31, worked hard to get back into shape after she had her two children. She shows off her hot body in her latest video, Work Bitch.The video is filled with scenes of Britney dressed in a shiny bikini, of her with a bull whip, of kinky sadomasochistic images; and, it’s heating up YouTube. It currently has over 8 million views. Britney might not be bringing sexy back, but she’s bringing kinky back. Miley Cyrus wishes she could twerk as well as Britney.

Britney released her video on Tuesday after she had posted scenes from Work Bitch on Instagram for a week. She launched the video during the iHeartRadio Music Festival telecast on Tuesday.

Watching Work Bitch, you might be reminded of the styles of the sexy videos of other musical divas, like Rihanna, Madonna, Beyonce and Janet Jackson.

Britney has just female dancers in Work Bitch, all scantily clad. She sings if you want a Maserati, and other luxurious things, then “you better work, bitch.”

Spears learned how to crack a bull whip and she brings it down on the rear end of one of the female dancers, who is on all fours, crawling away. In another scene of Work Bitch, a woman has some sort of mechanical gag in her mouth.


The video is hot, steany, and kinky, and carries the message that Britney had to work hard to get where she is, and if anyone else wants that sort of wealth, he/she needs to…well…work, bitch.

Actor Aaron Paul, who plays the character of Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad and who is known for using the word “bitch” a lot, couldn’t have said it any better.

In one scene of Work Bitch, Britney gives a head nod to Planet Hollywood, where she’ll begin a two-year stint beginning this coming December. She dances on a balcony in front of the building as she sings Work Bitch.

Her Las Vegas show will be called “Britney Spears: Piece of Me.” Britney will begin performing there on December 27, 2013.

There are rumors that Britney is dissatisfied with the smallness of the stage she’s been assigned, and the lack of special effects planned for her show.

Supposedly, Britney plans to lip-synch her songs as she performs, and she’s concerned that this might be more obvious if she doesn’t have the elaborate and large stage settings she’s had in the past.

Another rumor, though one from a reputable source, is that the staff at Planet Hollywood were given “cheat sheets” of answers to tell people who might ask questions about Britney’s stage show.

However, the show’s director, Baz Halpin, who has worked with other big-name stars like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Pink, has stated that there really is a “ridiculous” amount of detail in the show. He seems to be discounting any claims that Spears is dissatified with the stage settings and special effects.

Also, one of Britney’s spokesmen said that she has no problems with the set nor the show, and that she thinks it’s a “groundbreaking” set.

Britney Spears’ latest video, Work Bitch, shows that she still has what it takes to attract millions of viewers and fans. Miley Cyrus wishes she could twerk as well as Britney.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

Britney Spears sings Work Bitch

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