Case of the Missing Uncle Si Scarecrow Cracked

Uncle Si and rest of Duck Dynasty cast

In Ball Ground, Georgia, The Case of the Missing Uncle Si Scarecrow has been cracked wide open. An unidentified 16-year-old has been arrested for stealing the representation of the A&E Duck Dynasty star known to his millions of fans as Uncle Si Robertson, or just Uncle Si.

When the media went wild with reports that the Uncle Si scarecrow had been stolen, probably most people thought that the scarecrow would never be discovered, nor the perpetrator of the theft get caught.

They were half right, as the Uncle Si scarecrow was burned to a pile of ashes, so it technically wasn’t “discovered,” at least not by the police. It was spotted in a nearby community on a porch by several witnesses before the teenager who purloined it decided to burn it to destroy the evidence of his crime.

The police chief of Ball Ground, Bryon Reeves, said that “after a little investigation” the police discovered “that a juvenile had taken it.” When Reeves confronted the teenager, “he admitted to taking it,” but by then, the Uncle Si scarecrow “was nothing but ashes.”  537276_10201249271172564_955428667_n

What could drive a normally law-abiding teenager to such criminal heights?

According to Ball Ground’s city manager, Eric Wilmarth, the teenager was probably motivated by both his enjoyment of the show, and just happened to see the Uncle Si scarecrow as he was passing by the house. The teen “thought Uncle Si was pretty cool and wanted him.”

Reeves said that after he was arrested for stealing the Uncle Si scarecrow, he “expressed remorse,” but, he added, “you can’t back up and undo,” some things after they’re done.  A one thousand dollar award was offered for information about the theft and the scarecrow’s safe return. The teenager who confessed to the crime was released into his parents’ custody.

The Uncle Si scarecrow was built as a part of a contest to raise funds for the Ball Ground Elementary School. Fourth grade students and mothers spent more than 40 hours working on the life-size scarecrow. They made it look fairly realistic, complete with Uncle Si’s trademark grizzled beard. The mothers and students dressed him in camo, just like he’s often seen wearing on Duck Dynasty.

Have no fear, though — this story has a “happy, happy, happy” ending, just as the real Uncle Si would likely appreciate. A new Uncle Si scarecrow has been created to take the place of the  one that was stolen and burnt, and Allison Martin and the three other mothers who built the original one say that they have forgiven the teenager who committed the theft. Martin said that they got the idea to do a Duck Dynasty-themed Uncle Si scarecrow “because of the background and their beliefs and we truly believe in them.”

The Case of the Missing Uncle Si Scarecrow has, at last, been solved. While the original scarecrow wasn’t successfully recovered, the teen who committed the theft was caught and confessed to the crime. With the newly built replica Uncle Si scarecrow to take the place of the burnt one, the community of Ball Ground, Georgia, can rest easy, and have a very “happy, happy, happy” Halloween this coming October 31.


Written by: Douglas Cobb