Children Require Balls and Chains

Children Require Balls and ChainHow exciting it is the first time your toddler walks? The phone lines are all lite up. Independence is a relief. Or is it?

In one weekend the loss of a child has happened twice. The police have no choice but call them accidents. They are lost not at the hands of man but by the things that man has built.

A 22-month- old was in the van with her 5-year-old brother while her mother was dropping off another child at daycare. The mother had left the keys on the front seat and the doors open as she innocently visited with a friend. The brother managed to put the keys in the ignition, and then knocked the gear shift into neutral. The 22-month-old fell out the door and under the wheels. She is still being treated at Primary Children’s Medical Center.

A 2-year old was playing with her little friends. The neighbor, just coming home was distracted from the children having fun. She stopped when she felt her car hit something. The little girl didn’t make it.

How simple to have an adult watch them. “Things like this can happen in an instant,” says Sergeant Shandy Lewis.

Cars are dangerous, but what about the loss of two young boys, the same weekend, when a loaded gun takes their lives away. Parents leave for an hour on a weekend afternoon. When they return they find both boys dead from a single gunshot wound in different rooms. The same gun was used. “Unfortunately, the only two who know exactly what happened are deceased,” Detective Jeff Maglish says.

The phone calls to relatives all light up, but all the excitement has now been snuffed.

Written By: Doree Anderson

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