David Beckham and Son Brooklyn in Car Crash

David Beckham and Son Brooklyn in Car Crash
David Beckham and his son Brooklyn have been involved in a minor car crash

David Beckham and his 14 year old son Brooklyn have been involved in a collision with another vehicle after coming out of the driveway of their home and crashing into an SUV.  The incident happened at their Beverly Hills address. Luckily, no one was hurt in the accident.  Police were called to the scene, where Beckham’s black Range Rover Sport was seen to have the front bumper completely dislodged and lying on the ground.  David Beckham, 38, was spotted speaking to the officers before he got back into his bashed car and reversed it back into his property.

The driver of the other car has not been identified, but was said to be a female, who appeared to become agitated as she saw Beckham exiting the scene. She asked passers by if they had taken photographs and captured the crash on camera.  Her white SUV had denting and damage to its front right section. She is reported to have said that she was not speeding, and was concerned to find out whether anyone nearby had taken any footage.

Beckham’s Range Rover, with a value of $75,000 was heard making a loud impact noise as it bashed the SUV by people along the street.  One witness, a photographer, was close by and he drove to see what had happened after hearing the bang: “It sounded really serious” he said. After driving up the road he realized that the driver was David Beckham. “It was pretty bad” he noted “The front fender was dragging on the ground.”

This is the second time that David Beckham and his son Brooklyn have been in the car together when it has crashed. They were caught in a multiple pile-up in Los Angeles in 2011, again, both escaped unhurt.  The famed soccer star did not appear to be unduly upset by this most recent smash, which occurred on Friday afternoon. Dressed casually in jeans, a Hawks t-shirt and back-to-front baseball cap, he was cooperative to the police, but was not seen to speak to the other driver.

With Brooklyn getting closer to the age when he can learn to drive himself, some Beckham watchers will be wondering if the father of four is best placed to teach his son the fundamentals behind the wheel.  They already had a bad experience in the LA pile-up, although both had seat belts on and suffered no injuries.

Perhaps the Beckham family should stick to their bicycles. They were seen enjoying a spin class together in West Hollywood earlier that same day. Brooklyn clearly worked up quite a sweat as he was pictured leaving the gym session with his vest top soaked through.  His recently retired father, obviously still keen to keep his fitness levels up since leaving LA Galaxy, was also looking rather pink. Mum, Victoria, as effortlessly chic as ever, had her face hidden by her large cap. They had been to a session called Soul Cycle, which is the latest celebrity keep-fit craze.  It’s a full body workout and judging from the Beckham family’s appearances after the work-out, it is an intense form of exercise.

They say that the family that plays together, stays together, and the Beckhams are often to be seen enjoying quality time together.  Maybe the next time they are planning an outing however, son Brooklyn may consider asking his Dad to take the back seat and let Mum do the driving. David Beckham may be an ace on the soccer pitch and in the centerfolds, but his track record as a car driver with two recent crashes, is less spectacular.

Written by: Kate Henderson

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