Diabetic Georgia Man Killed by Police

Police kill man

A diabetic Georgia man who was in need of medical assistance was killed instead by police on Friday. Jack Lamar Roberson began to act strangely after he possibly took too much of his diabetes medication Friday morning. His fiance’, Alcia Herron, called 911 to attempt to get some medical help for him.

She said she asked for an ambulance and wanted paramedics to come get him and take him to the hospital. Herron explained she told 911 what was going on and that she was concerned about the medication taken by Roberson, age 43. She added she was afraid he had taken too much. Yet instead of medical personal arriving at their home, instead the police showed up. After an altercation with Roberson, they opened fire on the man and ended up shooting and killing Roberson. This entire scene took place in front of Roberson’s whole family which included his elderly mother and also his young daughter, age 8.

The police explained that they were informed the man had become aggressive while the ambulance was trying to answer the call so they intervened and found a man that was attempting to kill himself and that he had indeed become hostile. At a conference for the press which was held on Monday, Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner stated Roberson came after the police officers and had two weapons in his hands which he refused to put down when he was instructed to do so. He also said they were then forced to shoot and kill him because they were in fear of their own lives.

Herron denied what the police said. She instead stated Roberson did not have anything in his hands at any time. She also said that they rushed in and shot the man without any reason behind it. She explained how Roberson did not speak nor did the police say anything as well. How the only thing any of them could even hear were the sounds of guns being fired. She said she saw bullets go into the body of her fiance and then he fell to the floor.

Roberson’s mother, Diane, explained how she saw her son fall to the floor and had his hands raised up toward the ceiling. She also stated he did not have any weapons on his person. The police have refused to say what weapons Roberson allegedly was carrying, yet according to Roberson’s mother; she said that the officers claim he had hold of two knives.

An autopsy was performed on the man Monday evening, but nothing has been released as of yet. If Roberson did take too much of his diabetic medication, he could have been feeling symptoms of extreme confusion and anxiety.

Both police officers involved with this case have been put on administrative leave pending further investigation while they wait the results of Roberson’s autopsy, Chief Tanner also stated at the press conference.

Because of Roberson being diabetic, and possibly over dosing on his meds, then being killed by police,  a civil rights organization in Georgia has stepped in to investigate everything that allegedly went on. A candle light vigil is also being planned for a later date.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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