Food to Evolve Consciousness

What is consciousness?  Some explain it as simply the act of being cognant, which really means to be “hip, aware or wise to one’s situation.”  The process of evolving consciousness considers the notion that one can be less aware of their current state of being and what is going on around them and then evolve that awareness, so as to become more attuned to the present moment.  This article is meant to explore the possibility food has to assist one in the evolution of consciousness.

It has come to my personal attention, as well as to the attention of many nutritionists, health practitioners, doctors, neuroscientists, fitness professionals, teachers and those of various other professions that what we eat affects us in some way.  Quantum physics explain that consciousness affects reality, so this would suggest that food and its effects on us are dictated by the amount of awareness we direct toward it.  This creates a type of circular relationship, where food can influence thought and behavior because of the behavior and thought directed toward it.  Once this is fully understood, the possibilities expand.

Plants and food grow with different constituents, which may be analyzed and studied with various equipment and under different circumstances in order to determine effectiveness and results.  They may also be studied in growth patterns, locations and visual appearance so as to help determine the best situations to which they are fitted.  Some would call this later science the knowledge of plant signatures.  The way a plant looks and grows can tell a lot about what it is good for.  For example, ginseng root is shaped much like a human body – showing its balancing adaptogenic effect on the whole system.

When we begin to see food as a tool for consciousness rather than solely as a necessity for biological life, a new relationship develops between the person, what they consume and how they consume it.  For example: If spinach were just seen by Popeye to be a healthy green salad from which he could derive iron, it would have a very different effect on him as opposed to knowing it to change his physical strength and vitality, boosting him into a greater, fuller expression of who he really was.  The same is true for each of us.  Chocolate can be consumed as a guilty pleasure, or as a tool for reaching expanded states of awareness if taken with such intention and in the right format – raw.

Here are some examples of foods and how to use them for evolving consciousness and supporting expanded awareness.

Turnips –

White in color, turnips draw nutrition from the black soil around them and yet do not change color themselves.   This speaks to their ability to transform dark energies in ones life, especially the darkness of winter and how it affects people in the darker months – since turnips thrive in the colder soil.  Turnips could be ingested with the intention of lifting the feeling of heaviness and easing uncomfortable sleep patterns.  This root vegetable, when eaten with intention, can help one with astral dream work and to remember dreams better.

Strawberry –

This sweet, red fruit is shaped like a heart and can inspire one to experience life with more joy and pleasure if eaten with this intention.  It has also been thought to help sweep away past life difficulties through this joy, even an understanding can be gained of karma and how past actions and decisions have influenced the present reality.  It aids persistence in the way this plant persists in how it grows.  Joy can be a great tool in the integration of the past and this fruit arises the pleasantries of childhood in ones mind and body.


If one seeks to alter their current point of view, pumpkin could be a great tool for this due to its quick ability to grow in size.  To expand ones awareness is a gift given by eating pumpkin with the intention to do so.  A greater attunment with the Earth and its vibration including how to work with plants is provided through harmonizing with pumpkin.  The orange color of the pumpkin resonates with the lower chakras (energy centers) in the body especially inspiring courage, sexual healing and rootedness in ones body.


Due to the proportions with which pear grows, the larger part on the bottom, pear eating inspires one to remain grounded in the sense of self.   When one is grounded, they are more able to reach higher states of awareness and integrate them more easily into life.  When eating pear, do so with the intention of reaching expanded states while retaining the ability to remain stable in the 3-D world.

As science and metaphysics grows and explores the myriad of ways in which food and other substances can affect our many layers of self, more information like this will begin to come about.  For now, this is just a tip off to begin to look at food differently and to suggest that perhaps food can inspire more than a full stomach, but perhaps an evolution in the way consciousness is experienced in life.  Once again, as with many of these ideas are beyond the scope of scientific testing in a laboratory at this point, use your own mind and body as the testing ground and see how powerful you are.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: The Spiritual Properties of Herbs; Alchemy Lab; Healing Properties of Herbs

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