Golf Pro Phil Mickelson Sheds Tears

Phil MickelsonDUBLIN, Ohio–Sure, hitting that little white ball can mean the difference between victory or defeat on the golf course, but hitting the par in life wins the real prize.   As pro golfer Phil Mickelson competes for yet another tournament, he sheds tears of joy for his supportive family.  The President’s Cup Tournament is underway at The Muirfield Village Golf Club, founded by Jack Nicklaus, in Dublin, Ohio this weekend with all the big names in golf present and accounted for.  Phil Mickelson has never missed this tournament, as the beat of the OSU marching band welcomed the crowd to the event in pomp and applause along with the pros.

Phil Mickelson is holding his own, as he usually does, in his team USA striped shirt and cardinal red cap.  The pro is used to the wild crowd and wildlife nearby, as squirrels have been captured and named during the event.  The Columbus Zoo is right around the corner and reminds him of the zoo and his home in San Diego.  The competition goes forth with a mighty zest for life from the onlookers and Phil does not cower to less.  His upswing of confidence shines through the rain, as the throng follows close behind with umbrellas and muted claps.

Phil Mickelson is a pro, not only in golf but in life.  He putts the ball and puts his all into his family and things beyond the sport.  As a spokesman for many products, he knows first hand what he has chosen in life, and is winning at the combination.  He has won almost as many titles in golf as his birthday candles can number.  He has championed his own wild spirit, long hair and calm personality into a multi-million dollar enterprise.   He has fans around the globe, but he sheds tears for the ones close to him, who are always there to support his quest.

Phil is a family man with wife Amy and their three children.  He even does a commercial with his parents for Enbrel, an arthritis medication.   He has been known to fly cross-country to attend special events for his children and return to a tournament fresh and ready to go.  His family is present when he wins and support him from afar when they can not be there.  He has won in life with his choices and his talent on the golf course seems to be only icing on the cake.  The likeable guy with the contagious smile,  always plugs through with grace and style, doing his best in each tournament.

The tally cards have not yet been turned in for the President’s Cup, but Phil will find his way above the noise of the crowds and the fans that surround him.  He is grounded in love and accomplishments that will always outshine defeat.  A positive role model for sportsmanship and family values, Phil is an example of doing things right.  That little white ball is just a symbol of victory as he putts every move and makes life seem like a simple hole in one.  Phil sheds tears for his family in appreciation as millions watch his every stroke.  Phil Mickelson will move on from this event with or without a victory.   But he already has achieved a trophy in life.

Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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