Government Shutdown – Do You Feel Relief?


government shutdown

It would be good to hear what other people feel about this. I can’t help experiencing terrific relief at the idea of the government going through with the (dreaded?) government shutdown. It’s something like walking out into a wide expanse of unlimited space filled with lovely trees, flowers and good friends.

When there’s a very oppressive force darkening your days or your very life or threatening to and this force seem to be losing its grip on you, it’s perfectly natural and expected to breathe a big sigh of relief. Think of a frightening tornado that passes you by without harm or damage.

Of course, they’re not really gone. In fact, congressmen will still be getting paid and much of the government will go on functioning ( a loose term).

Unfortunately, federal workers won’t be paid, if the shutdown occurs. There’s confusing data about whether or not they will be paid eventually. Some say they won’t at all but will still have to report for work. Others say they will simply be furloughed and get paid later (…or not?). What has been consistent, though, is that SS checks will still go out.

Obviously this is not really a report on facts, as you can tell, but merely an expression of human emotion to a disturbing situation.

I’ve entertained the thought that, as the government closes its doors, there will be a long line of ethical, well-meaning politicians – a new breed, for sure – who simply walk in, sit down and make some changes.

The biggest change I’d like to see is they all decide to just leave us alone. They could let the states or even better, individuals, make up their own minds about Obamacare, birth control, education, food including organic farming and growing it in your own backyard, immigration, questionable wars and a few others you can probably think of.

The causes of this shutdown, as I see it, are gross mismanagement and a huge lust for power stemming not necessarily from just the president but from forces above him, unseen by many. It has been speculated he’s just a pawn.

A growing segment of the population, labeled “conspiracy theorists” by many, are simply seeing the truth – the government is out of control and stomping on our rights while ignoring our protests. For example, when the majority of the population rejects Obamacare and the president is still pushing it through as if these citizens were just a bunch of maggots, then that’s something other than a free society.

I just heard the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange website is not working right now. Yaa! That adds to my relief the government might indeed be shutting down. Did they let go all the government workers who take care of the website?

The reason for my joy about that malfunction is, in my estimation and observation, Obamacare is simply a tool of Big Pharma; their overriding goal is to drug everyone in sight, based on ridiculous mental ailments, for one. I read one time of a new mental illness that said (paraphrased) if you were too happy, you are in need of a psychiatrist – one who can prescribe the right drug for you and tone down that annoying cheerfulness.

As I see it, psychiatry and the drug companies (best buds) are endangering this country possibly more than any other force because they are destroying the very thing that makes this country great –its people.

The popularity of zombies in entertainment is a direct result of the fast-growing numbers of people, tragically including millions of babies and young children, on these dangerous drugs. They make them into mindless, depressed beings, many with disturbing thoughts of suicide and/or murder. I say “many,” not meaning the majority but enough to cause a great deal of damage and tragedy via school shootings, etc. Does that not fit the description of zombies? For more information on the dangers of psychiatry, go to Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

When the Founding Fathers crafted the Constitution, they did so with a major intention – to create a limited government. The country flourished. That’s really because they left the citizens alone to live their lives, for the states to attend to their own problems and not to burden everyone with taxes. The main function was to protect the country from foreign invasion, not to originate attacks on other countries for no good reason except to steal their oil, control them, etc.

Now we have this monster called the US government which is failing, growing extremely unpopular with the rest of the world, falling into chaos and a non-existent state.

So, yes, in this scenario, I feel relief the government may shut down. It sure would be nice to make room for some sane, well-meaning people, if that’s not just a pipe dream. There are a few in the government right now but they’re having a hard time.


Written by Lucille Femine

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