GTA V Music Favorites for Gamers

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The servers are acting funky, gamers are not happy and many are wondering why they paid $60 for a game they cannot enjoy fully. The offline experience of GTA V still is pretty awesome and gamers have always enjoyed the musical greats of Rockstar creations. The music of GTA V is now available in three volume downloads via iTunes. Launched originally in 1997 on the PS1 and Game Boy, GTA continues to make waves in the gaming industry.

Recently, Rockstar broke the $2 billion mark and continues to grow. One of the lead factors of the game is beyond character appreciation or the win of an awesome heist – none of it would be possible without some amazing music. Curious about the beats and videos associated with them? Enjoy!

*Warning  – some videos may contain language not suitable for young audiences.


Flying Lotus provides the supreme mix with tunes like Getting There, The Diddler and The Kill. In addition to the  FLYFO station, gamers can enjoy Elevators by Outkast. Rockstar has a way of developing a musical love to enhance the aspect of game-play. In addition to Flying Lotus and Outkast, Tyler, the Creator – Garbage provides an addictive listen as an original creation for GTA.


The Los Santos Radio offers an edgy array of musical enchantment. Artists Kendrick Lamar, Future and 100s make an appearance on the station. A station favorite is leaning towards Clyde Carson feat. The Team – Slow Down.


With the Pet Shop Boys, Robyn, Kelly Rowland and Fergie the Non-Stop-Pop radio station offers an array of songs from which to choose. From retro sounds to modern anthems, the station is a gamer favorite for a kick of motivation. Enter the upbeat melody of Stardust – Music Sounds Better with You.


This is a personal favorite station! Gamers can head-bang to the raucous beats of Queen, The Cult, Kenny Loggins, Def Leppard and so much more. The available songs on the station have earned claim for their revival ability in the game. One such tune is an 80’s undervalued song, Don Johnson – Heartbeat.


Miss some good ole classics? Tune in to the West Coast Classics station. Gamers can enjoy tunes from NWA, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, King Tee, The Geto Boys and of course the much missed lyrical domination of Tupac.

There is a bevy of additional stations and artists like D Train, DJ Quik, Elton John, Wham, Guts, OFF! and dozens more. The digital DJ gaming master, Rockstar, has combined favorites and underrated tracks into a music celebration that boosts the gamer’s mood. iTunes recently released a 3-volume digital album for download; Original Music, The Soundtrack and The Score. Each of the volumes are priced at $10 for gamers to download. GTA Vice City really blew open the doors of gaming and music in lyrical marriage.

The GTA V soundtrack is out and some of its tunes are stellar to listen to. Gamers everywhere constantly want to know a reliable place to download their favorite tunes; iTunes is now offering the volumes for an incredible price. Based on the music list for GTA V, what are your favorite tunes and what makes it a gamer favorite?

By: Angelina Bouc

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