GTA V Online First Installment of Stimulus Package This Week

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Rockstar previously announced that they would be delivering a stimulus package of 500,000 GTA$ to each player via Grand Theft Auto V Online to spend what whatever in-game content players want. Rockstar stated that the first installment of this gracious gift will be deposited into players in-game back accounts “this week.”

As for the second half of this stimulus package, Rockstar says that it is planned to happen “by the end of the month.” Unfortunately that is as specific as Rockstar wants to be right now. The stimulus package itself is meant as an apology from Rockstar to the players for the painful amount of problems GTA V Online experienced when it first became available.

What can be bought with the money from this stimulus package? Anything in-game for GTA V Online. If you want cars, houses, weapons, or whatever, Rockstar is giving you enough money to go on a spending spree, so have some fun. This will also help in obtaining some of the trophies and achievements for GTA V Online.

How do you receive this stimulus package? Simply play GTA V Online during the month of October and check your in-game bank account. This gift is not restricted to specific consoles. Anyone that is playing GTA V Online during October will receive this cash boost.

Due to the sheer amount of freedom in GTA V, customization exists in many different forms. While playing GTA V Online it is not unusual to find people who look like your character or drive similar cars. With the help of this stimulus package players will have enough extra cash to customize their character in more ways than one.

For those of you that prefer digital copies of games, GTA V is now available as an On Demand download for Xbox 360, and can be purchased without having to leave your own home, which probably will not happen anymore after you buy GTA V anyway.

If you do purchase GTA V this week you will be eligible for the first half of the stimulus package. As long as you play online during the month of October you will be able to receive the entire stimulus package for 500,000 GTA$. Want some fancy cars? There is a nice selection of items you can spend your in-game money on.

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If you are nervous about losing changes to cars, don’t be. Rockstar just released update 1.04 for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This update addresses issues where players lost vehicle mods, couldn’t pay for utility bills, got stuck while using playlists, and more. The update is also expected to help with long load times and prevent players from glitching GTA V into selling the same vehicle multiple times for extra money.

If you are still experiencing problems, Rockstar encourages you to visit their support website and comment on problems you may be having. Rockstar is putting serious effort into transforming GTA V Online into a stress-free experience that all players can enjoy. The stimulus package will go a long way towards smoothing the road between Rockstar and GTA V Online players.



Written By: Garrett Jutte

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  1. Jeremy   November 7, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    I got online yesterday and had an extra 500000 in my account. So what’s that all about? Anyway who cares about that, just do the new glitch, iv made millions in an hour!!


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