GTA V Online Update Character and Progress Loss Permanent

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Rockstar reached out to their massive fanbase with dismal news. During the glitches and issues experienced, many gamers advised they lost characters and progress. Many waited with anticipation their gaming work would be saved and uploaded the next time they logged on. Originally, Rockstar had released an update that should had resolved the glitch deletion of character creation and a player’s progress. It seems now Rockstar is offering amends with a half million stimulus cash boost for every player affected. Due to the consistent issues, any characters or progress lost during online issues cannot be restored.

GTA Online Issues Update: Character and Progress Cannot be Restored

Rockstar is positive they will resolve the vehicle loss issues and start expanding more online play ability. Heists and other promised content remains inaccessible as players anxiously wait for the game to smooth out issues to provide full access. In the meantime, Rockstar is looking to gain trust once more by depositing two payments of $250,000 on two different dates. The gaming powerhouse did not advise the specific dates but did mention one deposit may be seen by October 18.

The GTA forums – both unofficial and official – continue to fill with angry gamers who are not happy about character and progress loss and the inability to restore. There are hundreds more who are willing to give Rockstar another chance. One gamer left a message on the forum advising he would be willing to give Rockstar another chance as long as the deposits were delivered as promise.

Use a chopper for a quick getaway and plenty of cash
Use a chopper for a quick getaway and plenty of cash

If gamers are groaning over the progress deletion, there are some general tips and suggestions for acquiring money until that huge deposit hits the virtual pocket:

  • Nab a helicopter and keep it running! Leave it near the store but not in an official parking space to create suspicion. Run into the stores, steal cash and run back into your helicopter for a quick getaway (one chopper was found at Los Santos Hospital).
  • Work with Los Santos Customs car shop – this works in solo mode only. The shop is not interested in luxury vehicles but more sedans. They are willing to pay up to $10,000 per car, so get busy scoping the streets to build that cash.
  • Change the difficulty level to earn more cash.
  • Hit the higher paying missions. The Gerald level 6 mission dishes out $3,000 – get familiar with the missions.
  • Working with a crew always boosts the cash flow, so be sure to connect with a team and be consistent.

While the generic money-making suggestions and promised cash from Rockstar helps the lost money side, it does little to help gamers who invested mad hours creating a character online and their progress. The one item of information to appease gamers? Rockstar is not the only company who faced issues with online gameplay upon a launch. EA faced a hoard of angry gamers when Sim City servers could not handle the influx of gamers logging in, resulting in severe crashes that launched the game in the dark.

EA angered gamers with Sim City online issues
EA angered gamers with Sim City online issues

Reaching out to the gamers is the most important ingredient and that is something Rockstar does well. Rockstar is avidly responding to gamers on their site and promising some in-game cash which will lead to a very happy economy. In addition, Rockstar is paying from their own pocket to soothe and show gamers their level of commitment to the fix. In finalizing $500,000 per every affected player, Rockstar has to pay real cash of $5 per player payout. If there is just 1 million players multiplied by five bucks, the payout Rockstar is dishing out is pretty admirable.

Will two deposits of $250k ease gamer frustrations?
Will two deposits of $250k ease gamer frustrations?

Sure, Rockstar has quickly claimed over $2 billion in sales for the highly anticipated game and many expected seamless play action. Now they are facing gamer backlash for relaying to gamers their character and progress lost during the glitches will not be restored. They are communicating with the community and reaching out to make amends, it is a pretty cool thing and only expected from a brand like Rockstar. Gamers are allowed to be angry over the loss, but glitches are common and not specific to Rockstar. The amount of players hitting the servers took a toll, be willing to let bygones be bygones and enjoy the big pay day!


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