Health Insurance Moves Forward, Sorry GOP

win for ObamaCare

Tuesday was the first day of  health care open enrollment under ObamaCare, and online insurance companies were all but overwhelmed with new customer registrations. Tuesday officially marked the first day of a six-month 0pen enrollment period in which Americans can take advantage of new ObamaCare legislation that gives every citizen entitlement to health care, despite their age or health status. Thanks to more than 1 million Americans logging onto the site today, online servers experienced an awful lot of lag-time, but the project still looks very promising after a long day of refreshing the webpage and calling into the federal call center.

The free-for-all health insurance enrollment scheme was begun today despite the fact that a government shutdown has begun simultaneously. A woman who identified herself as Roxy commented on the day’s events, expressing her distaste for the shutdown of government amidst health reforms, stating:

That Obama’s health care bill is in effect highlights the shame on the Republicans for shutting down the U.S. government for no reason other than spite & ill will . The Republican actions in shutting down the government are as disgraceful as those of rioters shutting down public streets & buildings.”

Not everyone is blaming the Republicans for the shutdown, however. Many Americans believe that the Democrat-led Senate should simply allow a delay in ObamaCare reforms for a year so that the federal budget can finally be approved. Despite the federal budget crisis, insurance reforms are already taking effect.

The federal website wasn’t the only one experiencing a remarkably high user influx today. State-operated health sites have also been overloaded with local residents clamoring for a shot at health care. Most State websites were overwhelmed within the first few hours of the working day, causing some to shut down completely and others to ask repeatedly for patience from their users via social media websites. When questioned, users admitted that they were expecting glitches on the first day of open enrollment, and they weren’t too concerned about the problems they encountered today.

There are an estimated 50 million uninsured Americans in the country today, and President Obama hopes to get at least 7 million of them insured over the course of the next year. Through Medicaid expansion and government subsidy plans, the government hopes to set up at least half of the country’s currently uninsured citizens with at least basic health insurance coverage, a plan that Republicans in the House of Representatives fear will bankrupt the nation.

This is the largest reconstruction of the American health care system in almost 50 years, and it hasn’t been easy for the Obama administration to win over non-Party members – something Americans have seen first-hand with this week’s stalemate in the House of Representatives. Changes to the way that insurance companies register their clients has largely been focused on getting coverage for people who are as-yet uninsured, however Americans with coverage are also logging onto state and federal insurance pages today, looking for a better deal.

According to the federal US health insurance web page, the health insurance plans purchased today and throughout the remaining months of 2013 will officially begin to provide individual and family coverage on January 1, 2014. The march towards affordable health care moves on, despite attempts to block it.

by Mandy Gardner


Voice of America


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