Hunt for Papi’s Bottle Club Shooter Ongoing

Hunt for Papi's Bottle Club Shooter continues

A recent shooting in Papi’s Bottle Club, located near Daytona Beach, which had occurred around 5 a.m. Saturday morning, has culminated in the hospitalization of an unidentified victim.

Police are continuing to look for a tall thin person of interest
Surveillance footage of the person of interest, who the police are currently seeking

The police are currently seeking a young, thin male with dreadlocks, who has been labeled a person of interest.

According to Volusia county deputies, a violent brawl broke out inside the club, which spilled out into the parking lot, following the club’s closure. Upon hearing the commotion, nearby police officers then began to make their way to the scene.

Deputies claim they heard the crack of gunfire ring out through the air, causing anarchy, as the crowd of club-goers began to disperse from the area.

Following the shooting, the deputies then located a badly wounded victim collapsed in the street.

Further gunfire was then heard a number of blocks away, prompting officials to conduct additional investigation of the area. Blood is alleged to have been found near the area where the gunshots had been fired; however, as yet, no further victims have been located.

The injured victim was transported to a nearby hospital, where medical practitioners began treatment. Their condition has been listed as critical.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the investigation into the shooting remains ongoing, and the shooter is yet to be found. The police are requesting anyone with further knowledge of the event contact Investigator Jerry Betz, of the Sheriff’s Office, or Northeast Florida Crime Stoppers on 888-277-8477.

By: James Fenner 9 News

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