Infertility Conquered with Holistic Treatment

Infertility Conquered with Holistic Treatments
Roughly six and a half million Americans face the challenge of infertility.  For women and men reaching into their 40’s, infertility can be a pressing issue that affects the relationship as couples who want children struggle with the reality of not having them and losing time.  Over 7 million Americans between 2006-2010 used fertility services of one sort or another.  These numbers show the staggering issue infertility is to many couples in today’s world.  What causes infertility?  And are there solutions?  More and more people are finding infertility conquered by approaching the problem with more holistic treatments – addressing not only the physical issues, but the mental and emotional blocks as well.

There are various reasons for infertility from an abnormal cervix or uterus in women to sperm malfunctions in men, over-exposure to harmful environmental elements or conditions such as endometriosis.  Apparently, usually 1/3 of the cases of infertility are due to problems with the male, 1/3 are due to issues with the female and the other third are unidentifiable.  Perhaps this third is where holistic treatments can work best.

Often times, issues with hormonal regulation – which largely affects women, or sperm production and sperm delivery issues can be addressed with the use of specific herbs such as Maca root.  In many of these cases, even those where women battle endometriosis, herbal remedies and acupuncture can be extremely useful and beneficial.  One issue that is less often addressed is the emotional and mental states of both partners, which can affect the ability to conceive.

Stress is a major factor in the body, inhibiting the production of the right hormones and preventing cultivation of the conditions suitable for conception.  If one or both partners feels continuous stress, self-loathing, inadequacy, self-hatred, incomplete or excessively depressed the ability to make a baby can be compromised.  It is important for both individuals to feel safe, supported, loved and empowered with or without children in order to open the possibility for a child to come into the picture.  This is not always easy once you have entered the circuit of fertility check-ups, thermometers and repeated “failures.”

Yoga and meditation offer great tools for bringing the body and mind to center and creating space for both the man and the woman to visualize and empower their desired creation.  Practices such as yoga nidra offer a space wherein deep-seated negative patterns and beliefs, which can affect performance and outcomes, can be rewired or released.  The clincher is to access the subconscious mind so that fears and beliefs which are preventing conception from occurring, including those surrounding the capacity of the body itself, can be cleared.  Belief is a powerful thing.  If a medical professional has even suggested to an individual that they may not be able to get pregnant due to any said condition, this diagnosis can over-rule any possibility that may still exist in the body.

If infertility is an issue for you or your partner, the best thing to do is start with a physical body cleanse and re-tuning.  That’s right, take time to clear out the system of old waste products by engaging in some sort of juice or fruit fast.  Give the body a chance to dump toxins and re-calibrate.  Sometimes that is all that is needed.

Next, adding in hormonal balancing foods such as Maca root can get the body balanced and the endocrine glands producing all the right hormones.  Maca can affect the hormonal system of the body with its 31 minerals and 60 phytonutrients without producing any hormones itself.  It has found great success in helping people for over a thousands years become fertile.  All you need is 1-3 Tablespoons per day, up to 5000 mg to see some changes.  The initial response may feel like a big mood swing or discomfort due to the pendulum swing of the hormonal system as it seeks balance.   Compounds called glucosinolates contained in Maca have been scientifically shown to assist in fertility.  Research has been done since 1961 affirming the benefits of Maca for boosting fertility.

On top of the physical, emotional strains need addressing. Any trauma from the past that is still affecting a person, including sexual abuse, emotional abuse, loss of a loved one or those things of an intense nature can influence a person now and their ability to feel “able” to handle conception.  These emotional issues can be conscious or subconscious, so it takes the act of pursuing emotional balance to find out if there are blocks in these areas that need clearing.  Yoga and yoga nidra can assist one easily and gently in releasing emotional blocks and repression.

Mental blocks need also to be addressed.  Often people harbor loads of self-depreciating mental talk which kills their health in more ways than one.  It can certainly depress the ability to procreate if you feel negative feelings for yourself and repeat these thoughts daily in the quiet of your mind.  Simple activities where mental thoughts are identified, written down and consciously changed into affirmations can be a good start.

The most important thing to remember is that hope does exist.  Infertile people have found themselves pregnant in the most seemingly dire of circumstances when they thought all was lost.  Yes, there are a few cases where conception might not be possible.   For more people than realize it, conception and fertility is just a few steps away.  Don’t let the numbers get you down.  Infertility can be conquered for many with the use of holistic treatments known as mind/body medicine.  The key is addressing the whole person, not just the parts.  Good luck!  And here’s to making babies.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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