iPhone 5: New Technology iOS 7 Less Than Perfect

iPhone 5 new technology introduction

On September 21, 2012 a new phone from Apple, the iPhone 5, was introduced to retail. While the phone was released some time ago this phone is the newest iPhone released and is still supposed to be a more impressive and much better technology than the previous versions of the iPhone. Though this is always the goal of companies when putting out new products (to make them better) Apple's new iPhone 5 comes with some features that are less desirable to users.  While high standards were set on the new iPhone could it be less than perfect?

In the most recent innovation by the company known as Apple a new technology for the iPhone 5 has been introduced - iOS 7.  In addition to being available on the iPhone 5, iOS 7 is also available for purchase or download on previous versions of the iPhone.  But is this system a money-making product or a product that can actually make you sick?

Since the release of iOS 7 from Apple many users have been complaining about being nauseous and having headaches just from looking at and using their phones.  They report having the same feeling as being carsick from the application features, digital animations, and effects.

On September 18, Apple introduced iOS 7 with the warning that new features may at first seem disorienting but that the changes were much like the old operating system and were for the best production wise.  For anyone who has used the new system 'disorienting' may seem like an understatement and many consumers have already reported changing back to the old system, iOS 6, rather than being willing to adjust to the new effects of iOS 7.  This has more than likely caused problems for the Apple company and is expected to keep causing problems if users continue to be unwilling to adjust to the new system.

Dr. George Kikano of UH Case Medical Center in Ohio has stated in his review of the program that while users may think that it is the new features of the program causing the symptoms that "it is actually a new "parallax" function that causes the background of the phone to move back and forth."

Whatever feature it is that seems to be causing the symptoms, users of the phone are less than pleased.  Many users still have not figured out how to adjust the settings of the phone, as far as graphics.  But when consumers call Apple for questions or complaints on the new system, representatives are more than happy to help customers find a balance in the systems new features simply by adjusting the settings to reduce the motion of the system.

For consumers who find the new system overwhelming there is one way to relieve the 'carsickness' effects that the new program seems to be causing.  By going into the accessibility option in the program and then further going into settings a user can reduce the motion features of iOS 7 by turning down the parallax function on icons, applications, and alerts.  This move seems to be helping consumers so that they can use their phones effectively without unwanted physical effects.  As well as contacting Apple, iPhone 5 owners can also contact their phone provider in order to find information on lowering the motion settings of the iOS 7 system.

If the system still is not working out iPhone 5 owners can always switch back to the iOS 6 system.  Guaranteed, there are solutions that iPhone 5 owners have that can help them to enjoy the use of their phones again.

In addition to the 'carsickness' complaint, many other problems have also been reported on the new system such as screen freezing, apps crashing, and rapid battery drain.  Another big problem seems to be that the Wi-Fi connection quits working which can cost consumers major bucks if they are unaware of the dead Wi-Fi connection and use their phone on data.  

For sure Apple is working on the problems with the new system and can find a solution to every problem but will the new iOS 7 system end up costing more money than its worth?

While the new system iOS 7 may be a bust the actual iPhone technology seems to be doing well for many users. The iPhone 5 is said to be better than it's predecessors because it does involve fast speeds, more space for downloads (in some cases), better graphics and more. While iOS seems to be making the iPhone 5 less than perfect it is still living up to the next generation of phones.

Though released just recently, the iPhone 5 is, however, no longer the newest toy. Apple has once again got back on the train and working on a new invention once again. Next year we are expecting to see the new iPhone 6 with a larger screen display, making it a cross between a phone and a tablet. What will they think of next?
Written by: Crystal Boulware
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