iPhone 5s Battery Life: Five Things to Do Before You Hand over Your Handset



Apple acknowledged Wednesday that there is a problem with the new iPhone 5s battery life in a limited number of cases and will be replacing the affected batteries free of charge.  “We recently discovered a manufacturing issue affecting a very limited number of iPhone 5S devices that could cause the battery to take longer to charge or result in reduced battery life,” stated an Apple spokesperson, Teresa Brewer, according to the New York Times.

Longer battery life was one of the big selling features when the new iPhone 5s was rolled out in September, offering 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby capability.  Approximately 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were sold in the U.S., China and several other countries during that weekend and Apple is indicating that only a small fraction of those smartphones are impacted by the problem.  These batteries are made by SONY, the same company that supplied the batteries that led to Apple’s 2006 “battery exchange program” for Mac Book Pros shipped between February through May of 2006.

Apple will be contacting consumers with the defective iPhone 5s batteries. However, if you are not contacted by the company and you are sure you have a bad battery, take it into an Apple store for testing and see if they agree.  If they deem your iPhone unaffected, here are a few tips and tricks to help you maintain the life of your battery.

Apple’s new operating system is said to drain batteries faster, particularly in older models of the iPhone.  If you run a lot of apps at once on the new system, the power drain on your battery may just be the new normal.

Be aware that exposure to heat can seriously degrade the performance of your battery.  Keep your handset away from heat sources.  Don’t leave it sitting in a hot car or near a heater or any other heat source that would impact your battery’s life according to Apple.

The iPhone 5s knows where you are most of the time.  This can be great when you are using the Maps function and a huge drain on your batteries when you’re not.  Many apps use the GPS function even though they are not location oriented.  You can see which apps run the GPS on your smartphone and disable that function in those apps that don’t need location resources.

If you are in a low coverage area, activate the Airplane Mode on your phone to preserve the battery.  Your iPhone will always try and keep you connected to your network.  If it’s just not possible to connect, your phone will only be wasting battery life.

If you are not using your wi-fi at a given moment, turn it off.  Leaving it on to search for a random hotspot just drains the battery and usually leaves you frustrated.

The brighter your screen, the more battery life your Phone uses.  Dim the default setting to a less bright setting and save a little more battery life as a result.

These five tips will help to increase your iPhone 5s battery life and make your trip to a charging station a little less frequent.

By J.S. Brinkley

New York Times

Silicon Valley


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