Jacksonville Airport Hoax


While people arrived at Jacksonville International Airport and stood in line getting ready to head through the security line, a man dressed in boots, sunglasses and a coat did his best to get through the checkpoint, and then proceeded to tell an airport agent he was carrying a bomb in his backpack, according to authorities. But this turned out to be a fraud, nothing but a Jacksonville Airport Hoax.

What Zeljko Causevic really was carrying inside his knapsack was a tiny scale, some batteries, a cellphone and a microchip. However the scare did enough to completely empty the airport and leave travelers stranded on various planes on the runway for a number of hours.

A witness heard Causevic being asked, “So you’re telling me you have a bomb?” by a TSA agent. He responded with, “Yes, I have a bomb.” Yet he was not being truthful. He was pulling a hoax over on the Jacksonville Airport.

That individual is now being held on a $1 million bond. He stayed quiet during his short hearing before he was charged on making a false report about planting a bomb and possessing a hoax bomb.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s arrest report read that Causevic went to a TSA agent on Tuesday night, and told him that he had a bomb in his backpack. He also said he had a “detonator.”

It was not certain if Causevic was actually flying anywhere and the police have yet to release any motive. The Joint Terrorism Task Force has interrogated Causevic. The airport police, the FBI, and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office were also still looking into the investigation.

When Causevic was taken into custody, the entire airport was emptied to make sure it was safe for all the flyers. The people that were left sitting on the tarmac were eventually taken to hotels later in the evening, after the all-clear was given. The airport itself reopened around 11 p.m.

A neighbor of Causevic said she and her parents lived across from the Causevic family for almost a decade and that she was stunned to discover her longtime neighbor had been taken into custody.
She stated that she had woke up and realized she knew him after hearing his name on the news. She also mentioned how she felt the family seemed “normal.”

An FBI agent was going around Causevic’s neighborhood, leaving left a business card on the front door of houses.

Another man, Manuel Rivera, was acting questionably at the same time as Causevic and was also arrested. But authorities later stated that turned out not to be related.

Police officers approached Rivera, when they noticed that he was displaying a strange kind of behavior and then he tried to hide by mixing in with other passengers so he would not be noticed, according to what his arrest report stated.

Authorities said he did not obey orders given to him, and then an officer had to physically confine him. He was taken to jail after he would not explain why he was doing what he was doing, the arrest report also explained. Rivera was charged with resisting an officer without violence but he was not charged with having anything to do with the Jacksonville Airport Hoax.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble



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