Jesus Was Made Up?



London, United Kingdom–Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill says that he will reveal overwhelming evidence that Jesus never existed. According to him, the whole story was a fabrication, a tactic of psychological warfare spread by the Romans during the first Jewish-Roman War. Atwill promises incontrovertible proof that Jesus was made up. He along with author and scholar Kenneth Humphreys will give a talk on the subject at the “Covert Messiah” symposium, held for one day at Conway Hall in London this Saturday, October 19. The implication is that they will reveal their evidence at that time. Humphreys is the author of “Jesus Never Existed.”

Atwill in a Youtube video states that the gospels came from the Roman imperial court. This is important for our culture to recognize, he states, to know the origins of Christianity. It also shows how governments partake in conscious efforts to control people through ideology. Christ was held up as a peaceful martyr who paid his taxes, giving unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. According to Atwill, learning this history can illuminate how all governments use images and stories for social order and as a tool to move the public toward the government’s own purposes.

Biblical scholars have long known that there was a pattern between the New Testament and the writings of Josephus, a first century Jewish historian.  According to Atwill, there are dozens of instances that when put together, show remarkable evidence of Jesus’ fabrication. This scholar believes that what others have missed is that where Jesus was and what happened to him mirrors perfectly the incursion of general Titus Flavius as recorded by Josephus. According to Atwill, in some instances the poetic or conceptual nature of these references has kept other scholars from finding the pattern before. It is a secret hidden message for posterity, ready and waiting for savvy educated Romans from the upper classes, who would have recognized this pattern easily. It’s hard for most of us to know, not being biblical scholars, whether or not Jesus was really made up. We can weigh in after Saturday’s talk with the evidence revealed.

In the first century, Jewish patriots were waiting for God to send them a great messiah warrior, like David, to come and lead them to victory against the Romans. They constantly rose up against Roman rule, wreaking havoc. At their wit’s end, the Romans figured out that it was this belief in the leader messiah that made the Jewish warriors so ferocious. According to Atwill, the Romans decided that the way to conquer the Jewish ideology was to spread their own peaceful one to overtake and supplant the original. Enter turning the other cheek. General Titus Flavius and his son extinguished the Druids in Gaul, or ancient France, before Emperor Nero pushed them toward Judea. After the Judea campaign, the general would rise up to become Emperor Titus Flavius.

While studying Josephus’s War of the Jews, Atwill came across his recent discoveries. Josephus is the only first person account we have of ancient Judea. The scholar matched this account up against the New Testament and a pattern arose. Each story in the New Testament is a hint at one of Flavius’s military campaigns in which he subjugated Judea, as recorded by Josephus.

Was Jesus made up? Of course, believers will disregard Atwill or rail against him. And other scholars do admit to finding his claims a bit peculiar. Atwill seems completely convinced that this time, the evidence is overwhelmingly with him. He doesn’t believe that this is the end of Christianity but may lead to a greater exodus by those who were on the fence about it. This biblical scholar seems torn on the subject of Christianity, on the one hand stating that it has been a comfort to some, on the other recognizing Christianity’s use in justifying war, serfdom and other state sanctioned inequities.


By: Philip Perry

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