Julius Malema Causing a State of Confusion

Julius Malema
South Africa – From a distance, Julius Malema, is a cunning and amplification of a leader who is bringing a situation into the lives of South Africans by causing chaos. He is fixated on causing a state of confusion.

There is always someone worse than the current president of South Africa, and that can only be Julius Malema. He is a manipulative person who is seeking individuals and followers to beguile and mislead with false hope. He is not a trustworthy person, and no matter how hard he tries, we know that two wrongs do not constitute a right.

Malema has a history of animosity toward white people, and this quick call out is not a new tactic. The people of South Africa know that he will repeat this hatred of white people and instill the minds of his ignorant followers, to believe they actually do own the land. He is a true pro at trying to keep people unhappy and cause harm.

Julius Malema was addressing a group of students at the University of Technology in Vanderbijlpark yesterday. He tried to defend his political party and to clarify the integrity of its members after the outrage from the public following his remarks made over the weekend.

Malema said that although there were racist comments referred to by some members at the weekend meeting, it was not the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) style. He did mention that the holiday is over for the whites. No more vacation and if they want a permanent holiday, they must return the stolen property.

He said the black masses of people are hurting. They are rejected, and the more the white people continue to cling to the land, the worse it could be. He did not want a revolution yet confirmed that the land issue will lead to anarchy. People are outraged with his comments and his continued hostility toward white people in SA quoting his words, “honeymoon is over for whites, and to be revolutionary you have to be inspired by hatred and bloodshed.”

He went on to mention the future could be very bright if the whites shared the land. Coming from a man that states emphatically that he and his party are not racist, just honest, is laughable. Malema is making a noise again, and he thrives on the attention. We need only refer to his early reign whilst part of the ANC party and all the comments and insinuations he made. He made a loud noise that never made a difference, neither to the government nor to the people of South Africa — never at any time.

His main argument is the promise of free land to the masses. He said there could be no true reconciliation in South Africa as long as the whites possess the land. He still claims the white people of South Africa stole the land. Julius told the crowds that the land belonged to their grandfathers who were brutally killed by the white people.

Now he has his own political party and can raise his voice as high as he wants to, and the same situation will unravel, nothing more than a corrupt and dishonest person.

One hundred and fifty eight white South African people have been murdered this year. All murders are black on white attacks. The current government has done little to curb this wave of violence, and now we have Malema threatening the white people of this country. It is a violation of our human rights. The EFF is nothing more than a militant group.

Their sudden recurring stance on the whites and the land issue raise questions and the creation of more hatred are causing a larger divide among people.

The EFF is as a political party funded by wealthy perpetrators who probably want to take control from the current ANC government and lead the country in a radical capitalist system. Their vision of economic growth by grabbing land is an indication of how well they would handle the financial structure of this country.

Who is the force behind Malema should be asked, and then the truth of who actually wants control will be revealed. The evil perpetrators who are backing this foolish man have a greater vision of claiming the wealth of South Africa by enforcing radical changes.

Julius Malema probably has a fear of the future and a fear of the unknown. To keep referring back to the past is no way to move forward. He is not smart and no matter how hard he tries, he will never change.

Written by Laura Oneale

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7 Responses to "Julius Malema Causing a State of Confusion"

  1. Rocka   March 5, 2014 at 9:28 am

    Wow!! This clearly makes South Africa once again, an un democratic nation. To just be brief perhaps you should read up on our real history. During and even before colonisation happened, african tribe leaders were trading ‘african people’ for products that the europeans had brought with them. Another question, if I am a white person who was born in South Africa, does it not make it my land as well? Or is africa purely for black people only? If you think so then tell me wouldn’t black people be outraged if Europe and the America’s claimed back “White peoples” land? Julius Malema is a hater, Bob Marley was a revolutionist! Malema is a racist with hate for a age before his, yours and probably every person alive today. Your closed minded ignorance will be your downfall aswell as Malema’s, if you think the rest of the world, mainly run by white governments will continue to trade and invest in a undemocratic and racist government, think again! Apartheid brought sanctions against SA and so will this if it happens. Even if the EFF prevails, it will FALL! Eventually! I am surprised to see how quickly many of you are to completely disregard all the time and effort Nelson Mandela spent. Making this country a peacefull and pleasant place to be. I’m sure he is really proud of Malema and he’s followers. Stop only listening to what he is saying and see for yourself, if that is really in your best interest or Malema’s, because why only now? Hundreds of years later do you decide that white people have stolen your land? Seriously stop being a sheep!!

  2. Steve   January 9, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    Same banana, different monkey! L

  3. Terry Richter   November 15, 2013 at 12:30 am

    Julius Malema is nothing more than an ignorant, pompous radical loudmouth, who has no integrity or credibility ! He has been censured by the ANC Executive, reprimanded by the Judiciary and penalised by the SA Revenue Service. After years of the ” high life ” of designer clothes, imported cars, whiskey & wrist watches, he is now so concerned about the poor of South Africa ? Get a life, you idiot !!

  4. Julius Caesar   October 22, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    O. M. G.
    People of South Africa wake up and smell the roses.
    Julius Malema is the Robert Mugabe of South Africa.
    He will flaunt his designer clothes drive his flashy car to his mansion while the poor people of S. A. are still waiting on their land.
    He will be shopping in Harrods London, drinking champagne and eating caviar while the poor uneducated people sit in their shacks waiting on all the goodies that are NEVER going to come their way.
    The man is an ignorant loudmouthed self serving fool.

  5. PS   October 19, 2013 at 11:45 am

    10/10, Laura. Do not be disheartened. The truth hurts.

  6. Lesetja   October 16, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    What Malema says is true: The land belongs to black people, was stolen by white people and in the process murdered black people. Those are historical facts. Anything wrong in mentioning facts? Wouyld you rather have the ANC that lies for its own selfish needs? Anyway, you keep on saying people are outraged. Which people? Where I come from, people are happy that finally someone is speaking the truth. Rather say white people are outraged. Your opinion is deeply influenced by fear and hatred.

  7. Thomas   October 16, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    Why is Laura so angry and bitter. Does being angry and insulting malema makes you feel any better or change anything about what he does. Do you in anyway feel threatened by his comments.

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