Kanye West Says Kim Can Forget About Marriage

Kanye West Says Kim Can Forget About Marriage

The latest in the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West saga is that she can forget about any hope she may have previously had about marriage. Apparently West was overheard speaking with some friends recently and he said that marriage is an outdated, obsolete institution and that he does not wish to feel pressured into marriage with Kim K. “just because they have a baby together.” He wants a “modern” relationship.

What is a “modern” relationship, exactly? Does West get to now define what is modern and what is outdated? Some say “modern” is code for “open relationship.” Is there anything wrong with that though? While some would say there is, others would say that whatever two consenting adults want to do within the confines of their private romantic relationship is no one else’s business but their own.

But how does Kim Kardashian feel about having to forget marriage to Kanye? She has one previous failed marriage, which some people still claim was a publicity stunt-to Chris Humphries-that lasted all of a hot minute. Since this pregnancy which resulted in Baby North was most likely unplanned, it should come as no surprise to her that Kanye is not ready to tie the knot, and that he may never be.

Previously, the couple has been the subject of tons of engagement rumors, but those rumors will most likely never come to pass. Even if they did, who wants to enter a bet that the marriage wouldn’t last? Is it possible that Kanye may be on to something with his assessment that marriage is passé’? Maybe more celebrities ought to follow his lead. It could surely result in less heartbreak and most definitely put some celebrity divorce lawyers in the poorhouse. (Would that really be so terrible or could we allow ourselves to feel a little bit of schadenfreuden about it?)

Perhaps Kim K. and Kanye could have an open relationship, just as it seems West would like. Other celebrity couples who have tried out this arrangement seem to fare a lot better than those who go for monogamy. For example, it is thought by many to be an open “secret” that the much-beloved Smiths (that’s Will and Jada by the way,) have had an open arrangement within their marriage for many years, and they’re still going strong.

Another out and proud polyamorous starlet is Tilda Swinton, who makes no effort whatsoever to keep her relationship(s) status(es) secret. She’s got a husband and a boyfriend. The husband stays at home a lot and they’ve been married for a long time. She travels extensively with the boyfriend, and the three are one big happy family. Everyone is on the same page and it works well for them.

Another celebrity couple long rumored to have an open relationship is power celebs Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The rumors got started mostly because Angelina went on record saying that she does think monogamy is essential in a relationship and that she and Brad “don’t restrict each other” in that regard. She had previously been linked romantically with female model Jenny Shimizu. When Jolie was married to Billy Bob Thornton, it was reported that she and Shimizu were still involved.

Kim Kardashian can forget marriage to Kanye, but maybe, since he is so keen on a “modern” relationship, she can get a boyfriend or two on the side. It’s working for others and it can work for Kimye too.

An Editorial By: Rebecca Savastio

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