Michael Jackson Verdict: AEG Not Liable [Video]

Video of Paris's Deposition

Michael Jackson Death Trial


The five-month-long trial was brought to a close today as AEG was found not liable and was the verdict in the Michael Jackson death trial. While the trial had progressed, it was hard not to feel for Jackson’s children, who, unfortunately had to partake in the ordeal.

MJ’s mother and his children sued AEG Live for negligently hiring Murray, the doctor who allegedly killed Jackson with a lethal dose of propofol, which the coroner had ruled killed him. AEG felt that Murray was a competent doctor and further clarified that they never felt he was ethical.

The arguments from AEG Live’s attorneys were deemed acceptable by the jury which rendered AEG not Liable as the verdict in the Michael Jackson death trial. The executives of AEG contended they had no knowledge that Murray could be a risk to Jackson’s health. Murray was a licensed practitioner who was never involved in a malpractice suit. AEG contended that MJ was not open about his drug addiction and was not forthcoming about his problems with sleep, which led no one to believe there was a problem, including his family.

AEG had the burden of proving that they were not liable for MJ’s death and had deposed Paris and Prince Jackson to counter the testimony of Jackson’s chef, Kai Chase. Chase had given testimony of how the children’s former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, was like a mother to them. However, Paris was forthcoming of what her father thought of Rwaramba and was composed while explaining her father’s concerns about their former nanny.

In Paris’s testimony against the concert promoter, she had described a “creepy” incident that had happened regarding her nanny. She had mentioned that Michael never trusted former nanny, Rwaramba, who Paris described as “creepy” and “obsessed” with her father. While describing the “creepy” scenario involving Rwaramba, Paris was relaxed, almost joking about the incidents that she had brought up about Rwaramba in her deposition, which was given in the hospital in which she was being treated for a suicide attempt.

Prince’s testimony was brief but was significant in countering the testimony of Chase. Chase had testified that MJ was so physically worn down that his son, Prince, had to help him up the stairs; however, Prince countered the opposite. Chase also recounts thinking that Prince has “the weight of the world is on his shoulders, the eldest, big brother and father figure to his siblings.” She also mentioned that everything that has happened regarding the trial is too much for Prince and that growing up will be hard for him without the guidance of his father.

Chase had repeated her original testimony and recounted the events leading up to MJ’s death.  It was only at the request of Paris, Prince, and Blanket that MJ’s mother hired Chase back as their personal chef.

It is sad that the ordeal of the case has taken a toll on the children, who are still very much affected by the death of their father and the ramifications that follow. As the verdict of the Michael Jackson death trial renders AEG not liable, Jackson’s camp is said to appeal, which means the ordeal is not yet over for Jackson’s children.


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