Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Actively Trying for Baby Number 20

Duggars Try for Baby 20

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar announcing earlier this week that they are actively (ew) trying for baby number 20.  Let that visual sink into your head for a minute.

The somewhat famous Arkansas couple, stars of TLC’s popular show 19 Kids and Counting, admitted that they would be very grateful if the Lord blessed them with another child.  Claiming that they are actively trying and they shall see if it is indeed a possibility.  Ma Duggar says that they are already so blessed and thankful for each child that God has given them so far and they are most certainly enjoying their three grandchildren.  If another child doesn’t happen naturally they are also not opposed to adoption.

All this begs the question, how much is too much?  Would having another child be too much for Michelle’s body to handle?  At age 47, she is already looking at the tail end of her childbearing years.  Let’s start with her health problems.  Back in November of 2011 the couple had announce that they were happily expecting child number 20.  Sadly, the pregnancy ended less than a month later when Michelle suffered a miscarriage.  And it wasn’t her first.  The couple rallied together, tapping into their deep seeded faith, and held a memorial service for the little girl they were to name Jubilee Shalom Duggar.

Even worse, back in December of 2009 Duggar gave birth via emergency Caesarean section to her 19th child, a daughter named Josie Brooklyn, who was born three months too soon.  Michelle had been rushed to the hospital with what she thought was a gallstone attack.  Once there it was discovered that she was suffering from pre-eclampsia, a medical condition characterized by high blood pressure and significant amounts ofprotein in the urine in pregnant women.  Little Josie weighed in at only 1 lb, 6 oz.  After nearly four months in the hospital, Josie was released in April of 2010 only to be readmitted to the hospital a few days later after her vital signs had dropped.  The Duggars were staying at a rental home in nearby Little Rock in order to be closer to the hospital in case of such an emergency.  They were finally able to bring Josie home to their Tonitown, Arkansas home in June of 2010.

The couple’s critics, and there are many, have long argued that the Duggars have little to no concern over global overpopulation.  Michelle claims that they do not believe the hype.  She says that they have studied it and they believe that overpopulation is one giant misconception. She goes on to say that there is an ideology behind overpopulation that she doesn’t agree with at all.  Hey, she is entitled to her opinion.  There’s room for all of us here.

Whether or not another baby will come to be, either naturally or by way of adoption, is yet to be seen.  But the Duggars have proven to be very determined in the past and have never let their critics derail them from their attempts.  Have you gotten the visual of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar “actively trying” to make baby number 20 out of your mind yet?


By: Mary Kay Love

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