Tish Cyrus Is Miley’s Biggest Fan

Miley and momMiley Cyrus, the almost 21 year old wild child is at in again.  Her Saturday Night Live debut has been met with mixed reviews and opinions, just like everything else she has been doing lately.  Her almost predictive antics have kept the media eyes upon her in recent months and she shows little sign of slowing down.  Her demanding schedule is tempered by her biggest fan, her mother Tish.  Miley Cyrus does not disappoint the proud momager, and Tish is constantly by her side.  Whether behind the scenes or in the audience, Miley’s mother is never far away.

Tish Cyrus, married to Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus, is the doe-eyed, blond beauty with the hip attitude tagging right along with her daughter.  She is an accepting, supportive confident to the singer and a necessary component to Miley’s success.  The uproar surrounding the crazy stunts Miley has pulled off does not seem to bother Tish in the least.  She has seen her daughter through the years of stardom and knows her the very best.  Miley is the talented little girl Tish has loved for over two decades.  The ups and downs throughout that time have only strengthened their bond.  Miley does not disappoint her fans, her critics or her parents.

Born one year before her parents married, Miley was named Destiny Hope.  She was the light of her folks life and delighted them with her natural singing ability and spunky personality.  Always smiling, she quickly earned the nickname smiley, which was soon shortened to Miley.  The broad-grinned young gal went on to star with her father in Disney’s long running show Hannah Montana.  As Miley spread her wings through her teen years, Tish was there to see her through.  Not only was Tish a supportive parent, she became her momager and producer.  Tish produced The Last Song, Miley Cyrus:Live at the 02, So Undercover and LOL.  They are currently working on a documentary named Miley:The Movement.

Even with a possible divorce pending between Tish and Billy Ray, the couple seems to be reconciled at the moment and the entire family is united in common goals.  There still seems to be mother-daughter time for Tish and Miley outside of traveling and show business.  The open door policy has given Miley the freedom she craves to be herself without judgment from her parents.  Being judged by the media around the world also requires the loving arms of a mother from time to time.  Tish is working almost as hard as Miley on this road to adventure and stardom.  In fact, she is responsible for all the loose ends as her momager status continues.

The future is still unfolding as Miley approaches her magic age birthday in November.  She will finally be old enough to do everything she has been doing, legally.  She is not your normal kid, she has never had a normal, quiet life, but she has always had a loving mother to run home to.  As new projects are met with anticipation and Miley continues to shock the world, she does not risk the disappointment of her parents.  The fans may stay or disappear, but Miley’s destiny is secure with the hope and love shown to her by her biggest fans, her parents.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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