Miley Cyrus Lies About Single Status and is Secretly Dating

Miley Cyrus Lies About Single Status and is Secretly Dating

Miley Cyrus is a lying liar who lies about her single status and is secretly dating.  Less than a month after breaking up with super hottie Liam Hemsworth and less than two weeks since publicly discussing said breakup and her desire to remain single Cyrus, it appears, has once again thrown her hat in the ring.

And just who is the lucky guy this time around?  None other than Rolling Stone photographer, Theo Wenner.  To rub a little salt into poor, wounded Hemsworth, it is being reported that the two have been an item since this summer.  More to the point, ever since Wenner photographed Cyrus’s scantily clad photo shoot for the magazine.

It would appear that Cyrus doesn’t only have a problem with lying about her relationship status.  There also seems to be a discrepancy in the timeline here.  Back in September she announced, to absolutely no one’s surprise, that she and Hemsworth had broken off their engagement.  The singer lead everyone to believe that this event had recently occurred and asked for the usual privacy in her time of blah blah whatever.  Now, it is being reported that Cyrus and Wenner actually started their tempestuous relationship right after the provocative photo shoot.  Which would mean that her breakup with Hemsworth happened way before she is claiming it did.  Someone get this woman child a calendar.

Considering that rumors of the Hemsworth-Cyrus split had been bandied about for months prior to the actual breakup announcement, this isn’t very shocking.  What’s gotten Cyrus back in the hot seat is her recent claim on the Ellen Degeneres Show that she is happily single and is choosing to focus on her music instead of finding another man.  In fact, she told Ellen that she is “obsessed with being alone.”  During the interview Cyrus seemed content with her decision and was looking healthier and more put together than she had been in a long time.  Could it be because she was in the early stages of a new romance with Wenner?  Possibly.

Her new mystery man has quite a past himself.  The son of Rolling Stone magazine founder, Jann Wenner, Cyrus’s new boy toy has been most recently linked to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, daughter, actress Liv Tyler.  Before anyone cries ‘nepotism,’ Wenner has shot some pretty famous faces for daddy’s magazine, such as Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Zack Galifinakis.

Rumors about the Cyrus and Wenner hookup began circulating when it was reported that he joined Cyrus at her October 5th hosting gig on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.  It is said that he had VIP seating and actually sat with Cyrus’s mom and her sister.  And it is also being said that she supposedly sneaked out of last week’s launch party for her new album, Bangerz, in order to secretly meet up with Wenner.

If Cyrus is indeed lying about her single status and is secretly dating Theo Wenner then good for her.  The rebound was eventually going to happen.  It just begs the question, why not come clean and put the rumors to rest.  I’m sure that Liam Hemsworth can find a new, equally hot shoulder to cry on.


By: Mary Kay Love

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  1. Myat Min Soe   October 20, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    Liam cheated with Eiza Gonzalez. #GetItRight

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