Miley Cyrus on SNL-She’ll Rip Sinead Twerk and Possibly Get Nude

Miley Cyrus on SNL-She’ll Rip Sinead Twerk and Possibly Get Nude

Miley Cyrus is hosting SNL tomorrow night and is reporting that she will rip Sinead O’Conner, twerk and possibly get nude. A source has revealed that her SNL performance will be way “more scandalous” than the VMAs, and that Miley was dying to go topless during her performance on that now-infamous awards show. She has told a source that she wants to utilize the late hour of SNL to “cross boundaries,” leading some to speculate that we’re going to get to see even more of nude Miley than we already have (is something like that even possible?)

She is going to rip into Sinead regarding their current feud, and she may literally “rip” Sinead by tearing up O’Conner’s picture. This would be a mocking reference to Sinead’s performance in 1992 during which she took out a picture of Pope John Paul II and dramatically ripped it up, then said “fight the real enemy!” During O’Conner’s song prior to ripping the picture, she changed some of the lyrics to reflect that she was speaking of child abuse and the evils of the Catholic Church in covering up many of those crimes. After O’Conner ripped up the picture, there was dead silence in the studio as she stood and glared at the camera. No one clapped and it seemed like an eternity before the show went to a commercial break. Those who saw the performance live reported it being one of the most shocking things they had ever seen on television.

During the ongoing feud between Cyrus and O’Conner, Cyrus has taken to Twitter numerous time to make fun of the singing legend and mocking O’Conner’s previous bouts of mental illness, which O’Conner has struggled with on and off for many years. She is currently healthy, however, and has stated on Facebook she is going to take legal action against Cyrus unless Cyrus removes the offending Tweets, one of which was accompanied by a photo of O’Conner ripping up the Pope’s picture and a reference to Amanda Bynes, who is currently also battling severe mental illness.

O’Conner has pointed out that her action on SNL in the 90s was a completely sane thing to do, especially in light of all of the charges which have been brought against the Catholic Church since her performance. Cyrus apparently disagrees and plans on further cruelly mocking O’Conner, who is one of the premiere voices the world has ever known.

Tongues are wagging wildly with speculation over exactly what Miley will do tomorrow night, and SNL can most likely expect ratings to be extremely high, especially given the recent extra publicity Cyrus has received over this spat with O’Conner. It is also being reported that Cyrus will make fun of the recent pregnancy rumors that have been thrown in her direction and that she will somehow combine the pregnancy talk with twerking.

Miley Cyrus is going on SNL tomorrow night and she’ll rip Sinead O’Conner,  twerk and possibly get nude. In under 24 hours, we’ll get to see her plans carried out in their entirety and it’s sure to be quite a spectacle. While she’s doing that, we in the press are going to attempt to prevent too many of our brain cells from dying while we watch.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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  1. avalon   October 5, 2013 at 12:35 am

    About 90% of all storys that use “inside sources” that come from Hollywood Lies are proven false within a week.

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