Mini MicroSD Reader for Android Smartphones & Tablets [Review]

MicroSD Reader

When getting your hands on the newest and greatest of devices, it can be a financial challenge unless you win a tech contest or work for the manufacturer that makes the gadget. Well, the device that needs to be shared is a compact tool with a multitude of features that will win you over. Found on Kickstarter, the website that connects crowd-funding and inspiring entrepreneurs, the Mini MicroSD Reader was discovered.

This card reader comes in a neat and portable package, priced at an amazing discount of just $12. Andy and Rich, the creators behind the tech marvel displayed pictures of the newest tech savvy device on the market. It comes equipped with an USB adapter, a metal ring, and clip to connect to your keychain for on the go. The reader, while easily portable should not be added to heavier keychains to avoid damage. Much like the progressive colorful steps of mobile devices, the Mini MicroSD Reader is sold in an array of rainbow colors.

Portable and light, the founders kept eco-friendly in mind
The reader comes with an USB adapter and the compatible keychain hook

When removing the protective cap from the USB, the MicroUSB will be exposed. It has a clear connector that attaches to the compact MicroSD card reader. When plugged in, the clear portion lights up and blinks any time information is received from or delivered to its host. When you own a small card reader, you want to make sure the cap (end) is on so it  will not break off the MicroUSB connector. While initial reports suggested a positive outlook of durability, some users reported that after about a week, it disconnected inside the card reader, rending it useless. The founders have established a degree of protection for the buyer, but one can help during further prototype testing, this will be rectified. Creative brainiacs Andy and Rich are working on stabilizing the model after a reported return from a few test runs. The card reader will hold your MicroSD card snugly, avoiding the small card from becoming lost when moving about or losing it in a shirt pocket during laundry day.

snug fit
The picture details the inner workings of the device

Compared to an on-the-go cable (OTG), the MicroSD Reader shows its worth in portability and cost.The closest compatibility to the MicroSD reader is the thumb drive which still appears as bulky compared to the newest device on Kickstarter. Without saying a USB external drive is much too clumsy to carry around to connect to mobile devices, like your Nexus 7 (2013).

The final review of the this new device reveals – the MicroUSB reader for MicroSD cards is the best new device to hit the market, especially when you want to transfer phone information and back it up on your tablet. As far as flaws there are only minimal hurdles which is expected with new devices As with new any development, especially without financially heavy investors, the devices will only get better with time. The creators have dedicated themselves to connect to their buyers and discover any nuisances prohibiting the full use. This is a great thing, because a majority of mobile device carriers want a solid and error-less device. The review of this device is positive and leads one to wonder why ASUS or Google did not come up with the idea first.  In the near future it seems the names of Andy and Rich will become known in the tech community. The mini MicroSD Reader is only available for Android devices listed on their Kickstarter page (linked at the bottom of this article).

Forrest L. Rawls

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