Mother’s Body Rules the Delivery of Baby

Let your body decide when to have the body. Mother’s do their best always for their babies. All doctors agree that the longer babies stay in mother’s womb, the better it is for the baby. But for various reasons, mothers choose to have their babies earlier, by elective C-section sometimes. This is not to be encouraged, is the opinion of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

According to the latest study, babies born before 39 weeks are not deemed ‘full term’. The new classification considers: before 37 weeks as preterm, 37-38 weeks as early term, 38-39 weeks as full term, 39-40 weeks as late term and beyond 42 weeks as post term. The possibility of babies born before 37 weeks have higher chances of needing medical assistance, when compared to the ones born after. Now, after this new correction in the classification, the recommendation is to wait atleast till 39 weeks, to minimize the need for the use of NICU, ventilation, IV fluids.

These distinctions are important because the number of babies born at 37-38 weeks has risen from 17% to 27% in the recent years.

Wait for the right time: Crucial to Good Health of Babies

The baby’s complete development and growth requires all the 39 weeks. Even from the standpoint of healthcare costs, early birth of babies is expensive, if medical assistance is needed.

These new guidelines should not cause panic among expectant mothers with high risk pregnancies or who might need to deliver early, to safeguard the health of the baby and/or mother. Cases of spontaneous labor before 39 weeks is also absolutely fine, because trust the body to make the best decisions.

This new change is more important for those healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies that rely completely on the guidelines provided, and previously would rush to have their babies out by 37 weeks, electively. Now they have to wait.

The bottom line is to let your body decide the best course, for the baby and you.

Written By: Dheepa Balasubramanian

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